Silicone Dipped Beauty Sponge … Stop it … I had to try this! xo’s ~ Tati HALO Before & After PHOTOS HERE » » » …


  1. Just bought mine! I hope it comes fairly soon lol. I just heard of another sponge from a company called Juno co. Their instagram is @thejunoco and it’s called the velvet sponge ! I wonder if it’s any good or worth you checking out!!!? I’d be interested in seeing your thoughts and trying it out. I believe it’s only 6$ !!

  2. My concern with this (or any other silicone application product) is that silicone degrades/dissolves itself, which means that if you use a foundation with silicone in it, and don't wash this right away after use, it'll start dissolving off the coating….

    same reason you're not supposed to use silicone lube with silicone sex toys. lol.

  3. Usually i hate it when beauty gurus talk before they even do anything and she took 7 minutes before putting on the foundation and idk why but im not mad hahaha i enjoyed every second of the 7 minutes this is insaneee

  4. Why you so lazy to get it for go get it now don’t do that on your face now go get it or we will get off and not watch the video anymore and I will tell other people not to watch it

  5. I have a silicone sponge but it doesn't wanna blend or absorb water. Now I understand why it wasn't working. I was using it as an e.lf. sponge. Now I gotta use my silicone cuz I ripped my e.lf. sponge.

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