1. It looks so funny with those people closing their eyes. That's not meditation. Budhi means to 'wake up", one closes their eyes when they're going to sleep. You will never be able to still your mind that way.

  2. Sadguru, you're not my guru, no one is. Cocaine is not at all comparable to ganja. Way riskier and addictive, herb is not addictive, i8t has never ever killed anyone for thousands of years. Cocaine is a number(local anesthetic) Ganja is a consciousness expander. Don't tell grown ups what to do unless it hurts others, Sad"guru", go play with your snakes and motorbikes.

  3. I know what he is talking about, I met him 9 years back and his practices changed my very being. No cannabis or alcohol and give you that high.
    PS: I have tried both

  4. Oh come on, india is too poor to even get cannabis in the first place. Ain't no one got time for that. I never even knew such a thing existed until some weed guy told me one day while I was playing football. he kept on saying "it'll feel good." And I was dead inside. So I realised neither cannabis nor anything in life can fill the eternal void and told him it won't work with human beings. I think I sentimentally hurt a friend too

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