1. I ended up with high blood pressure, diabetes and all the shit after playing Sekiro. This game made me almost break and toss my controller out the window😰😂

  2. You backseat debt collector niggas are nasty. "Did you pay your past bets yet?" Ew. Ain't no real nigga asking somebody that unless they're one of the debts.

  3. Kid smoove love you as a "pony" but I got to get this joke off

    Are in the "BLACKS" at xbox?😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆💀

    Another win for the BLACK ponies😎👍🙏🔥💞

  4. Your not gonna beat this game if your not gonna pay attention to what's actually happening. You picked something very important up at the hirata estate to beat that big guy and you didn't even notice it. Also I don't understand why this nigga keeps panicking. Death is part of this game.

  5. He defo aint beating this challenge.

    This game is harder than both Dark Souls and Bloodbourne. It requires much more skill and patience to play and you can't get away with stuff as easy as you could in Dark Souls or Bloodbourne.

  6. You gonna go through the soul syndrome again smoove
    Stage 1:Nervous as you hear how hard it is
    Stage 2: Optimistic as you sije your self up saying you will succeed
    Stage 3: Fooled as you think the game isn't that hard in the beginning
    Stage 4: Worried as you realize at this moment you fucked up
    Stage 5: Pissed at life and the bastard who though of this game
    Stage 6: Rage out as you just cant take it anymore and anyone that says anything can get the smoke
    Stage 7: Depressed as you know you dont got what it takes to Get Gud
    STAGE 8: Determined as you say fuck it ,fuck you fuck yo momma fuck the world I wont let this game break me
    Stage 9: Zin as you hit your second wind and fight your way though to the bs
    Stage 10: …….. that's up to you weather you beat it or it beats you in the end if you enjoy the game challenge or no challenge that's all that matters have fun

  7. Smoove when you die you dont have to fight every enemy you come across again. Use stelth or just ignore them and try to progress through the game.

    You keep dying and wasting time killing the same enemies over and over. And pay attention to story clues you’re given.

  8. Since I havent got blocked yet, I just want to state the facts here. Kidsmoove cant beat this game because its more focus on skills and tactical planing akin to the Tenchu series. No upgrade just the tools that u have in ur inventory to take advantage of. He never equipped, the axe to break shield in Hirata estate to progress through it to take the Fire ninja tool s mentioned when he eavesdrop on the samurai soldiers. With the fire tool, he can have more chance on beating the ogre. unfortunately, Kidsmoove lack the knowledge to beat this game I will add.

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