1. 100% available to all adult Floridian's! 10News WSTP, you should talk about what Floridians For Freedom is doing to resolve the entire adult use issue via a first of its king Ballot Initiative. We're collecting signatures now to Constitutionalize an adults Right to possess, use, grow and consume Cannabis without including arbitrary restrictions or with adults still fearing arrest as they currently do in all fifty states.

  2. Who ever said anything about making it available to young people? Like alcohol is okay, much better, and like we all know is not available to kids. Seem Mr. Ron would much rather support crime, a criminal black market and police/prison state, costing taxpayers billions of non productive tax dollars. Can Mr. Ron, or any of his colleagues even say why the marijuana is illegal?

  3. Hey, as I'm right as it gets and I support the god emporer Trump's agenda. DeSantis concerns me as coming off too tepid on medical cannabis. When he says he's "for it" or "implement it" does he mean like as currently played out by Lex Luther and Atty General Barbie? Do you realize they just stayed a lower court's judgement that medicine can be smoked? Meanwhile, our Amendment 2 (which a grade schooler could clearly read and understand) snakes it's way up to the FLA Supreme Court to be decided. Unfortunately, many will suffer needlessly from the Luther / Barbie blunder and the entire court case will become a moot point once recreational legalized with 2020 vote! If DeSantis means "keep system the way Lex Luther running it now", then hell no! He'll lose to the communist negro just on this issue alone IMHO. I just wish Trump would take this issue off the table from the Dems and just legalize it with the stroke of his magic pen. It's not like we HAVE TO REPEAL A PROHIBITION AMENDMENT FROM 1971 BECAUSE THERE IS NONE! How soon people forget we required an amendment to prohibit "intoxicating liquors" 100yrs ago because our Constitution guarantees Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness." Ergo, if you want to take away somebody's pursuit of happiness by prohibiting intoxicating liquors, then you would need an AMENDMENT = passed by the house, senate, signed by POTUS and ratified by 2/3 States. THE ENTIRE WAR ON DRUGS IS UNCONSTIUTIONAL. SHOW ME THE AMENDMENT PASSED IN 1971 TO PROHIBIT "INTOXICATING SUBSTANCES." CAN'T FIND IT??? DOESN'T EXIST! Trump could fix this over night, but between the "War on Opiates" and the "War on Cannabis" this single issue could knock out Lex Luther from the Senate race and DeSantis from the governor's house, too as the plaintiff cries of those in chronic pain and the agony of dying in cancer go unheeded. They won't allow us cannabis for pain relief (no products available) and they just passed a law on legal opiates. A 3-day SUPPLY with 2 refills max. If the MD HANDWRITES "MEDICALLY NECESSARY" on the Rx then it's good for 7 day supply! I would routinely have dying cancer patients on 5 grams of morphine per day via IV PCA pump. I would have to write a script for the quack to sign an Rx for a 30 day supply, then hope it lasts. You know there's always a call in the middle of the night from the Nurse to increase the pump rate as the patient's pain level increases closer to dying. Where's the compassion for those in chronic pain and terminal illness. It's enough to make this dyed in the wool lifelong GOP voter even vote for a communist negro governor even though I disagree with 99% of his agenda. It's really up to Trump to just take this issue off the table so it doesn't split / fracture the GOP any further.
    Concerned RPh living in the Sunshine State or as I like to call it "God's Waiting Room."

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