Buy The PCKT One Plus here (use code SIMPLISICK for %15 off!): Just refilling my Smoked Honey cartridge with some of their distillate to …


  1. Just wanted to shoot a quick comment brother to say that I'm thankful that I came across your channel a few years ago, I've been watching your videos since the free Brite Labs starter kit sign up video. Since then, before trying any new cannabis oil vape carts, I always check your page to see if you've made a video on them. Thanks Simplisick! 💯🙏

  2. The ones trippin are falling themselves and when they’re on the ground they just stay there and talk shit “check your hands before attempting to clean others cause you’ll only make yours more dirty

  3. My guy just got some distillates in and i picked up 3. I dadded the majority of it on my evolve and worked pretty well, but i used the last half gram about in my old cartridges and vaped it worked really well.

  4. I do the same thing bro when i heat up my cartridges. I put it by my ear because I listen to make sure im not burning a fuck ton of oil. These kids are dumb. Dont listen to em bro. Keep doin you

  5. I have a press and hold battery vape, and I will keep it on lowest setting, and then press and hold down the button for 2 seconds before I start drawing.. the Instructions say to take a couple small puffs to "prime the cartridge" but I dont want to waste any.

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