1. What in the world are you talking about, Chlorophyll leaching into buds? That doesn't happen, try not speaking on subjects that you do not understand.

  2. actually ive found when you trim everything off at first your buds dry very quickly and taste like crap the chlorophyll leeches OUT (not in). leaving the leaves on actually helps you dry a little slower resulting in a better taste

  3. 😉 your wrong bud! Also, if you had looked at my page you'd have seen what I do. Where do you people come from??? You can't cure leaf, and it is undesirable smoke! My cannabis slows down the cure in the jars for a month or more! What is a flower to you? To me it is profit, and the more leaf I manicure off the better the flowers taste which brings in a higher $ amount. I work for the trim, and I'm a greedy bastard. I get 80%-90% of the leaf off.

  4. If you have the time to cut a leaf in half, you have time to go a little deeper and take it all the way out. Bud to leaf ratio. Anything undesirable should come off immediately. When buds dry with leaf on it it f**** up the flavor, and when you trim leaves later after its dry, the crumbly pieces (powder) sticks to the glands and dulls the shine. Thats the difference with commercial buds, and top shelf chronic. You should put half as much effort into your end product as you do your nursery!

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