Life in Hong Kong: Speaking Cantonese Chinese & Wagyu Hot Pot Buffet | HK Travel Vlog

Hong Kong Food Tour: My first travel vlog in HK speaking Cantonese Chinese (with English subtitles) throughout eeek! I go for an unlimited Japanese wagyu …


  1. AHHH! As somebody who has lived away from home for a few years and not hearing Cantonese in a while, this definitely was a good vlog!

    You're super underrated but keep up the great work!

  2. Lay gong jowng mun ho layk! I'm trying to improve my Cantonese so watching you speak while you're out and about helps me remember terms I've forgotten and pick up new ones! Thank you!

  3. I’m from HK but living in the U.K. right now, felt so homesick so searched for Hong Kong vlogs and found yours! I loveeeeee it and it’s made me feel so much better 🙂 Please keep them coming!!

  4. Omg im also an august baby and just turned 26!
    Btw im having a marathon of your videos lol … and it’s interesting to hear you speak a different language 🙂 Food of course looked delicious 🤤!

  5. My cantonese is whack so I actually would prefer if you spoke cantonese so that I could listen to more cantonese.
    Your content is pretty fun, I subscribed😊

  6. Would love to see more Cantonese vlogs! Like hearing it as in college I don't hear it as often anymore. Never been to Hong Kong, would like to one day. From the US. 🙂

  7. Great to hear you speaking Cantonese. I caught a lot of it but my Canto skills have gone downhill over the years. I'm enjoying these videos from HK. Thanks!

  8. Your Cantonese is so cute!!! I am one of your subscribers from Hong Kong. I was always wondering if you speak Cantonese. Seems like your Cantonese is very British lol😂😂

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