1. Cedrick: "We're gonna get rich off an app that reminds you to watch movies? First, we don't know know how to program. Second, aren't you jumping the shark with this idea?"
    Levi: "Naaah, man. I'm jumping the shark next week. Spielberg is retroactively CGI-ing the original 'Jaws' like Lucas did with the original 'Star Wars' trilogy. White chick in the beginning that gets eaten by Jaws? I got cast in her place and instead of getting eaten I jump over him."
    Cedrick: "Are you and Spielberg out of your goddamn minds?"
    Levi: "Naah, man. I've been watching old videos of Soviet and Chinese olympic contestants working the pommel horse. I got this."
    Cedrick: "That's not what I said. Am I in a 'Twilight Zone' episode? This is even more idiotic that your idea to replace Joe The Camel with this weed smoking horse standing in front of us where your TV used to and should be. What's going on there?"
    Levi: "Naah, man. TVs are a dime a dozen.*
    … The door bell chimes…
    Cedrick: "Don't tell me…."
    Delivery guy: "I have a dozen 4K 3D ready TV sets for a mr. Levi. Sign here and the payment option was upon delivery. That would be 10 cents. Thank you and have a great day."

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