1. I have the same meter and its 5 years old, same probes , still works as good as the day I bought it. Dont store your probe in RO water, just store it in tap water.

  2. A little more ph 7 and 4 in the shot glasses would probably help get a fast more accurate reading. With that little calibration solution the ph probe that detects the ph is sunken in about 1/4th-1/8th of a inch to protect it from breaking. Those bottles are good for roughly 3-6 month after you open them so dont be stingy! You can fill the shot glasses up the whole way and get a good 15 tests at least!

  3. I got a question if you're pulling your meter directly out of 7 and then shaking it off and then dip it in for and they're still Solution on it halfway between 4 and 7 is pretty close to what it's reading you know I'm saying so you should always rinse it off before you shove it into one solution and then rinse it off and then shove it into the other solution you shouldn't just have it in 7 take it out and stick it in the four

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