1. So when I broke my arm a while back in the operation room I was unconscious…. my life is a lie and will remain that way til


  2. What if you could feel everything but you can't move and when you finally wake up you forget everything, and everyone who did surgery goes through it but just forget…?

  3. I wish I could inhale some of the nitrous oxide, aka. laughing gas… But I got the anesthetic to my gums injected… And the wisdom tooth extraction was pretty painful at first. And sometimes mid-surgery.

  4. I had surgery last night and surgery done a couple of days ago.Ive also had surgery in the past so I know what to expect.My advice is just relax,breath and go with it,don't try and fight it.one minute your awake in the prep room Then your back in recovery and didn't feel a thing.

  5. When i got a reconstructive surgery they injected me ( i only got intravenous ) and they did not ask me to count i could watch a clock while i was on the table and as soon as they injected me with the anesthetic my head started to spin like i was in a tornado, luckilly i got uncounscious before puking 🙂 that was really weird but i woke up fine ! the guy next to me though was hitting his head he was still on the drugs .. oops

  6. my most recently surgery they put me under general anesthesia and they ask me countdown but before I even countdown i was already knocked out please tell me I am not the only one here lel

  7. I remember before the surgery (appendix removal) (which was 2 weeks ago) I was supposed to get the surgery the next day after they found out I was supposed to get it out they moved me into a different Room since I was in emergencies that I was getting the surgery done at 8:30 but they done it at 11:23 and called me in and told me that I was ready so they took my bed into a room told me to lay into a different bed and it was so hard to move with everything hurting but once I did a nurse held my hand, a surgeon gave me a mask to put on, and couldn’t remember anything after. But after surgery I woke up at 2 pm and looked around the room saw everything looked blurry n saw my parents waved and was happy I got it out… but downside was that I had to stay 10 days in the hospital since I was feeling nauseated Every single day until day 7 that they put a tube down my nose and my mom and dad started crying since it was really painful and threw up in a bag for vomiting but once they were done I was feeling really hungry until the next day I woke up In so much pain with my stomach and lost all my appetite, they had to keep doing x rays for an hour 30 n then after every 15 min. They gave me medicine through the tube they put down my nose and threw up 5 min later. I cried every day in the hospital I wanted to leave so badly but then I was finally feeling hungry everything went well and eventually got to home but before I did they had to take a ap drain out which was really painful since she pulled on it real quick once she had me distracted

  8. This is just one of the many advancements of science we forget to be thankful for. Without anesthesia even relatively routine but critical surgeries that we (or at the least a family member) have had would be basically impossible. Even just fixing a complex break in a bone could not be done. Without this, one of my parents would be dead or in chronic pain, and the other would have a crippled arm.

    The lesson is: Don't take things for granted. Appreciate how far we have come and how much science has helped us in our lives.

  9. Still they'll make your spouse or relative sign a release of liability in case anesthesia puts you to "permanent sleep" and you never wake up again… Scary.

  10. When I was in third grade, I was discovered to have appendicitis. This was the first, and only time to date, I've had to have surgery. As an 8 year old kid, I was scared out of my mind. I remember them putting in the IV connecting me to some weird fluid. They moved my bed into a darker room where a few doctors were waiting. I don't remember exactly what happened, if they changed out the drug or whatever, but literal seconds later in my perspective, I was waking up in the recovery room. I didn't even remember closing my eyes. Afterwards they told me they had to remove an organ in my body called the appendix, which I had no idea what it was. Suffice to say, that was both the weirdest and scariest day of my life to date.

    Side note, I actually ended up having to spend Easter in recovery. A few family friends came to visit, and my mom brought me an Easter basket. Staff was amazingly nice as well (probably because they were dealing with an 8 year old kid who was aware he had just gotten and organ removed from his body).

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