Getting Caught : STORY TIME

From my mom almost punching me in face to nearly sittin in county jail….welcome to Story Time with Yola (Intended for the 18 & over) So lemme start off by …


  1. Love your story brother!!! Here's a few story in the pass from weed to coke & not giving a fuck.

    Beer: on our way out of 711 when I was like 16 or 17. My friend Tyrell & I was carrying 2 12 packs of Heinekens. We walking into the alleys behind Shopping Save. As we were walking. I turn around & said, fuck!!! Tyrell said whats up bro. I said the pigs behind us we gotta hide this shit man. Tyrell was quick & fast as speed of light. He took them both outta my hands hided in those dumpster holes & put bricks. So they don't see it. So him & I were walking kool like none happen. Police said ay were yall just coming out of 711 with 2 boxes of beers. I said hi officer we were just walking & Tyrell was like yeah man you gonna pull us over for walking. The pigs said, ay give up the beers or. I said or what I told you we were just walking. Officer said okie enough of your smart mouth I'm not wasting my times with you. So as he drove off. Tyrell & I just wait for like 3 minutes till he fucking leaves. Tyrell omg brother just took the beer box's & said ill see you back at your crib ran off quick. Lol I was like wtf man. We spilt up & once u got home. Tyrell was on my front porch like want a beer. We cracked up like damn that really fucking happened. We both said fuck the pigs!!!

    Coke: it was a big group of us going to the Asian pool hall around 9pm. Police pulled up flashed us. Said stop where your at yall know what time it is. We all said tomorrow is the weekend. He said yeah but your in the county now yall City boys. I said fuck to myself. Because I dint wanna deal with the cops. So one of my homie said to the officer, what's the fuck your problem you pulling us over cause we from the city. Police straight punched him in the face. I was like Kyle stfu man. The other cop came over searched me. He said OK yall can go now, but remember yall can't be out here after 9pm or we gonna band you from being in the county. I was like kool peace. Officer said I'll give yall 10 seconds to get the fuck outta my face. We straight just said fuck you & dip off. Lol as we made a U turn back yo the Asian pool hall. Omg lucky us. All my gangster brothers were there. I said ay coukd you give us a ride back to my xtib. We got pulled over by the pigs man. They laughed & one of my brother said yeah I'll take you home. I said thanks we got into his car. As I checked my pockets for my house keys. I had a bag a bag of coke. I was like wtf is this. My brother said ay that's coke man. You sure the pigs didn't put that in you. I said yeah I'm sure man. Then I realise a few days ago I was gonna prank my friend that I got coke. It was just white sands I got from the park that I crushed up. Lmmfaoooo my brother was like ay give me ill check if its real coke. I said sure man. He took a sniff said hmmm weird then he took a lick & said wtf bro this bullshit is sand!!! We all laughed so hard & he said ay you my lil brother don't do drugs man. I told him sure & he said just smoke weed. Then he said whoever gave you this is a dick. I said lol it was from the park I got it. He said OK get out. I was like wtf man. My friend said at we're here. I said oh yeah that's what you meant thanks bro. We we're so lucky we didn't get caught with that fake bag of sand that I was prankibg my friends.

    Not giving a fuck: Basically… It was my son 3rd birthday. I told my brother ay here's 10 bucks go get me some weed man. He did & the next day lol his friend came over. I was like ay yall wanna done out. They said yeah man. So lol I took out my hookah we mixed it up with shisha with weed. Some it like it's our place but actually it was my mother in law. We smoking it like damn I'm high as fuck, but nobody bother us. It felted so good. Like bro you know we're the only one smoking this shit I bet they catching a contract high. We busted out laughing. As the afternoon turned even omg I crushed like a baby. Woke up got the munch & ate as quick as u could. Because I didn't eat shit from moning till that time. After that I walked to go buy some coffee. I was still high but damn nobody fucked with me. Usually they give me the eyes. Seems like the first time they caught me being high was like yeah this dude smoking weed. Lol basically I had a great time though. Got to hold my son as I were still high as we singing happy birthday to him & he's punching me all in the face. Lmao because he doesn't like ppl singing to him.

    That's my story thanks if you or those read it.

  2. it was my first time every buying more then a gram so i bought a hq and i smoked maybe a gram of it but kept 2.5 at my house
    That night i was sleeping and a bunch of books fell from where i hid my weed and my mum instantly rushes in to make sure im okay.
    Then she spots in on the florr starts shouting "how could you" "I thought u werent like that" and said she was disapointed, next thing u know my mums taken in her self having a blunt out the back

  3. I love your videos so much, tbh I am fIfThTeEn. 🤭 selling mad weed at school rn, I wanna be just like you, you are deadass my idol. ❤️ I wanna be just as cool like you, everyone in my family likes you vids, hopefully they don’t see my comment, you respect for thou, I live in Canada, Saskatchewan, mad people love your cids, and my school is mad ghetto, my principle bout an ounce off me lol. But for tho I love you (no homo) don’t report me !🤫🤣💛

  4. so i have a shed outside..this was when i was 13, two years ago. i have electricity in it, a couch, it’s really nice and i go out there to play my xbox and shit. one day, my friend came over, and we decided we were gonna roll the fattest blunt we have ever rolled. so i called my guy up, he got us an eight, and a grape swisher. man we were smoking so fat. swishers come in two, so we smoked a blunt, and my friend with his nasty ass, smoked the grape swisher. THEN MY MOM BUSTS UP IN THIS HOE AND SAYS “WHAT ARE YALL SMOKING?!?” and i’m like “A SWISHER!!” ratted myself out..but in the smarter i had the roach in my left hand. i’m so thankful she didn’t see it she was just chewing my ass out for smoking and i’m stoned as fuck watching my friend play my xbox, not even listening to my bitching mom lmao..then she left, and we put the rest of the weed we had in my bong and smoked alll that shit. we laughed so hard when she she knows i smoke, and smoking isn’t as fun anymore when you don’t have to hide it

  5. So me and 3 friends snuck out my little window in my room and went to go "chillinggggg" outside right. So after we finished the bowl we put everything away and right as we are climbing back into my window my friends legs are hangng out with me and 2 other friends standing around him and a cop slowly drives back and we all look at eachother and say FUCK! I let the other 2 go in and 10 cops pull up at the same time and boom. IM outside with a fucking Scale and bag full of that good shit. good times boys

  6. The story about the Sheriff sounds like my dad…I could literally drink 1 litre of vodka everyday and he would be alright with it, but i smoke a spliff once and he would probably beat me to death lmao

  7. There was this time about a year ago when me and my brother were smoking. I was 15 and he was 13 and we were in his room smoking doing the same dumb trick as you blowing it out the window😂 and we’re bumpin tunes goin hard as all hell and I’m thinkin ‘man best. Fuckin. Day. Ever’ and I shit you not as I thought that I hear banging on the door and shook the walls and I was instantly terrified cuz I’m hearing my grandpa yelling for us to open the door and I’m thinkin “wow this is it. I had one job and I blew it” and he came in saying “where’s the pot I smell it” and I’m actin stupid (but sober👌) saying “what pot? I don’t smoke what are you talking about?” And he’s swearing up and down at me about smoking and he yelled at me to go downstairs and do the dishes and he’ll come talk to me. So I go down with my heart straight pounding and about 10 minutes in I hear him coming down the stairs and I’m like “fuuuuck.” And he walks in and says this I swear to god “well Sean can barely speak he’s stoned out of his mind. But i mean you seem fine so I dunno. Maybe your better at acting than him.” And he walked back up to his room And I’m standing there with my jaw hanging open almost thinking “what the fuck just happened..” so I went on with my day and slapped some music in my headphones. and I never got in trouble. Which surprised me but I wasn’t complaining. That’s my story of my FIRST time gettin caught

  8. so I was mf 14 years old and I go to the park behind my school with a gram and my boy over here also got gram. He’s got this dope pickle rick pipe that we about so smoke a few bowls off of, and I had no idea wtf I was doing cause it woulda been my first time. He like yeah this what good and I was like damn aight smoke a bowl and he’s like wait till the high kicks in, and I’m like what’s it like and he chuckles and says you’ll see, it’s not like the movies bud. So I’m like zoned out asf and I turn my head and everything does the wobbly and I’m like damn bruh, I try and walk and find water and I was stumbling everywhere. I see my moms car and I’m like fuck dude I can barely walk, but I get to the car and I see my mom is looking down at her phone so she didn’t see my headass walking stupid. I get in and she’s like where were you, I tell her right at the park, and she says what’s that smell, and I fessed up(kinda) and said I went to the bathroom and some kids were smoking weed in there and I got stinky. She looked and I was slump asf. I lost all my shit, my phone my privileges everything. My dad was like yo I thought you were better than this. I tell my friend the next day and he said yeah I got caught too chief(he’d been doing this for years) (((FYI this was a few months ago ahahaha)))

  9. We were gettin my buddy high for the first time and got so high we left a eighth out on the table and his whole basement smelled like it when his parents came home lmfaooo. BUT THEN his dad took it and kept it too, like made ya put it back in the bag and he put it in his pocket and walked off

  10. I walked into my Parents bathroom when they didn’t know I smoked weed. I’m in 6th grade 12 years old and I look in my Parents bath tub and I see a bong and I had a bowl that I was gonna smoke out of a can 😂 but at the time I smoked my Parents had just left for work and the bath tub was still wet from them getting ready for work. My feet were dirty cause I went outside to see if their cars were still there. So I stepped into the tub so I didn’t have to pick the bong up I packed the bowl I smoked i got pretty fucking high. Duh 🙄 but since my feet were dirty I left a trace of my feet on the wet floor of the tub and when my mom came home she went straight to her bathroom. She screamed my name I walk in she showed me my own foot print and said wtf is this !!!!!! I said, nothing she said yea right she grabbed my hair and started to upper cut me 😂 made me clean up my own blood and made me wait in her room till my dad came home i fell asleep waiting i wake up to him calmly talking then like 2 seconds later he talks off his belt whooped the hell out of me 😂

  11. Swear to god, I was behind a ramp at the skate park about to smoke and my dad rolled up creeps around the corner picks up my weed smells it and gives it back, I was 11🤷‍♂️

  12. Well i got cought by the civils police. Was smoking with my homie. There was two other " friends " there. Than we see police comin. Ran to a homie got inside. 10 min later. Mom called and sayd police is here come home. I was like no. And then at the end i came home. They took me to the stastion and thats how i got cought. Bc the two others snitching

  13. once upon a time me n the homie got caught with like 4oz of meth n a loaded pookie it was like 1am had gotten pulled over by the police n long story short after all the questions and harassment one of the cops gave us the loaded pookie kept the lighter … they took half of the meth … all our money … but gave us no ticket n let us go … shit was a wierd moment

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