1. Looking good Herb. I just picked up some BBM clones for my outdoor season. This will be my third year in my no till pots. Glad to hear about the fast finishing due to my occasional mold issues here next to the Bay. Go Dubs. They gonna 3 peat ?

  2. HF, that is an absolutely beautiful plant. I wish the govt would get out of the people's way nationally so everyone could relax and enjoy something like that at their leisure! CHEERS

  3. I think the buds looked looked pretty good. If you look at the optic lights and there results. Yours looked a little better honestly and for only 200 watts. Wow. Take a look at those vids please I think we all would like your opinion sir. Thanks.

  4. In my humble opinion, your plant looks awsome. Yellowing leaves are what you want! I would have given more light sinds it was the end. And she can use the stress aslong as temps are good

  5. Great job… I'm ordering hlg 600 pretty soon… Nice to see videos of hlg in action… Pretty sure there is a learning curve with these powerful lights… Thank you for sharing ✌️♥️🔥🌲

  6. Excellent video Herbin!👏🏽the cover crop is on point, and the clover flower brings a awesome look to the overall grow!👏🏽👏🏽🍺…not to mention the fantastic micro shots!!!!!! Outstanding! And with the valuable info learned from some minor errors, the next run should only be better!,..with Frank working at his best..cheers!🙅🏽‍♂️

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