Hey loves! Here is my updated am and pm routine, simplified and hydrating. I talk through what I am doing differently and why. I also have listed below the …


  1. Hi Elle! I'm learning so much from your very informative videos! THANK YOU!!! I wondered if you have every tried Paulas Choice Omega+ Complex Moisturizer. This moisturizer has Omega's 3, 6 & 9. It has a LONG list of ingredients. Just wondering your thoughts if you have tried or know anything about it. TIA! Thank you again for all you do! XO

  2. I’ve been saving this vid for the perfect time. Home sick today, and while that’s not perfect it made me feel better to be able to watch. I love skincare vids and thanks for the great suggestions. I cut down my routine, but use some of the same things as you. You’ve given some referrals that I’d like to try. I just added the ‘snail trails’ 😊 essence and so far I like it. We trust you, Elle. Skin changes & new products come to market. At least you give us honest opinions before we fork out $.

  3. Great vid and like the tips to add a mist to 2 ingredients to boost it up and Algenist go cruelty free. No need to burn bunnies eyes. If the drug store can do it. Algenist…. Come on…. XOXO

  4. Wow, I’m behind. I just got the notification for the new video you just posted. I’ll watch that one next. That intro grabbed my attention real quick that & the coffee. Lol! Your skin looks awesome!!

  5. I'm curious about your thoughts on the inky list product. Ordered from cult beauty. I am LOVING the caffeine eye cream!!! Wayne Goss turned me on to it. It's magical! Within 2 days of twice daily use my puffiness was GONE!!! And also the Good Molecules brand. I have their super peptide serum, from my beautylish lucky box. Am waiting to try it once I'm done with some of my current serums. Any thoughts on either brand?

  6. Would need a second job just to pay for all this. I had a friend she could open a store in her house she bought every product that promised she still aged actually it seemed faster than most

  7. Great informative video. I have been using the TNS Essential serum the past 3 months and would like to try something different. I would eventually like to buy both but which would you recommend first — the Le Mieux EGF/DNA or the TGF-B booster? I have mature skin

  8. Thank you for this wonderful video.. I love the Osmosis line.. I have been using it for going on 2 years now and I am getting into the Truth Systems as well.. (its too new for me to say anything about it yet) I am looking into a couple of those sleeping masks.. 🙂

  9. Elle, I don't use or ever used an essence. I see that so many have jumped on the bandwagon using essences. Is this something I should be using and I guess why ? What does it really do for the skin? Thank you

  10. You look so airbrushed beautiful! I just saw a Lavender Laniege Sleeping mask at Sephora! Would you recommend the original to start with or can I just dive into lavender that I Love ?

  11. Omggg the Truth Treatments Everything is so Bomb! The spray, the retinol spot treatment, the VitC & the Cbalm all all magic.
    Also I’ve been loving the Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream 💕

  12. Hi Elle, I love your recommendations. Can you do a video on makeup for the summer I love minimal makeup, I am in my 50’s and I have some melasma that developed on my last pregnancy at 37. Also live in a very hot dry heat. So I try to cover that but sometimes it’s just too hot and it does not last or looks like too much.

  13. Great video. I just got back from visiting family out of town and I only brought my hydrating skincare with me. My skin definitely enjoyed the break and only having hydration.

  14. Sooo you put all that on before your makeup? I have oily skin and that would slid off my face by noon. I was just using Cerave in the morning but that is still leaving me too shiny! Any help or ideas

  15. Hi Elle. I love Elgenist products and love to try the sleeping mask. Also interested in vit A. Thank you for the very thorough and informative review ❤️❤️❤️

  16. Hi love ❤️ I appreciate and respect all your recommendations and opinions!! I would love to try CBD oils, I now use Cacay oil
    And Argan oil. I love my Tasha’s cleanse but would love to find another cleanse to try you know to switch it up. I also use my IT eye serum and also would like to try something new. I’m your 57 year young friend with oily T zone so if you can recommend What might be good for me would be so great!! Love you Alexa, Xoxox

  17. Hey sweet lady! Great video. Your link to the Herbivore CBD is incorrect. They currently only sell it on the Herbivore sister site.
    Any opinion on the Josie Maran skin dope with CBD

  18. Hi Elle saw your video regarding Exuviance peel going to try my cannot tolerate the acid same issue as you. Glycolic works better for me. Thank you for the info. Will wait at least a couple of weeks until my skin calm down.

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