Dr. Mercola and Dr. Bush on Soil Microbes (Full Interview)

In this video, natural health expert and Mercola.com founder Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Dr. Zach Bush about soil health, intercellular communication and …


  1. I can not enough of this, wish to have many more of this kind of talk! Brilliant, compassionate and absolutely make sense! The answer I have been searching for years just dawn!

  2. Just like quantum science put a new face to basic physics, thank god biologists are now bringing a quantum view to biology. Fifty year ago in a graduate program in horticulture, I applied to do my thesis on the effects of the new agricultural practice of greatly increased fertilizer applications. I couldn't imagine that wouldn't have an impact on the nutritional value of the food crops involved. But my project was rejected as the silliest thing the soil scientists had ever heard. Besides it would take a mentor in both horticulture and soil science and no one had ever contemplated a joint venture of that sort. Hmmmm, and here we are. Dr. Bush, thank goodness you have arrived on the scene.

  3. Dr Mercola thank you so much for interviewing Dr Bush. Very sobering information. The world needs more passionate & dedicated research pioneers like him to help save the health of mankind. Looking forward to reading Gut Bomb!

  4. This interview is by far throughout my own personal research, one of the most insightful and important conversations. A wealth of knowledge here! Thank You!!!!

  5. I’ll send you a party invitation and you can talk all you want! Never has there been a time I’ve been more glad I got my degree in Biology. I wish I could get more people to listen to these videos! So sad to see young couples not able to reproduce and know it’s getting worse by the minute. That’s only one of my concerns for our species. Thank you for all your work and for sharing it!

  6. Might the Bacteria you mentioned be the Bacteria that Monsanto registered in Canada in 2017 Bacillus Subtilis. I believe they also registered Alfalfa at the same time. This bacterium is present in the Japanese longevity food Natto and may offer at least a part of the solution we are looking for?
    Thank you for the wonderful interview,

  7. Wow. Amazing in the connection of different areas of medicine and health to produce a radical clarity based on evidence. And boy are we in trouble. Listen to this for your own safety so you know what choices to make to save and extend your lives.

  8. Most amazing interview on health I have ever seen. I have started on Restore. Amazing results so far. I am telling all of my friends and family members. And will be documenting everything.

  9. It is of such immense importance to teach people the role of microbes in the soil and in fact, in all living beings, humans other animals and plants up to macro-organisms like beetles, using bacteria to metabolize the cellulose they consume during the breakdown of trunks and branches in the forest. We need to manage our residue in a much more efficient way, firstly by separating them and using the plastics and other recyclables to infinitum. The organics we need to treat in BIODIGESTORS, where different classes of bacteria are breaking down the ground up material and produce BIOGAS, which is much cleaner fuel than fossil fuel and wood. BUT……, important is also, that this process delivers a digestate which should be used as a biological fertilizer to improve the deprived soils and obtain better soil structures and introduce many trace elements to this medium.
    We need to convince Governments to work towards NO WASTE and NO GARBAGE DUMPS, because if you know the story of #OrganicWaste, you will never ever talk about garbage.

  10. In 2011 we took an Arizona Gold Mine into production it was the dustiest windiest conditions that I ever remember. So I can tell you I have never felt better in my life then during that time. The soil that is in the mind lies on top of Precambrian Rock. And now after I saw this interview I understand. I've been on my second day of restore from dr. Bush and every time I take it it gives me a little bit of euphoria. Thank you both for this interview

  11. It dumbfounds me to see that it's not obvious that our soil is "the guts" of our bodies. That there is so much more than just N, P, K and a dozen other elements. There is a microcosm of a multitude of nutrients and microbes that we don't even know about yet. We need to respect the natural systems the earth has and its infinite intelligence and ability to care for us…if we step back and work WITH it.

  12. Thank you both brilliant scientists, for discussing so much into detail about our root cause problem. I would really love to see more astonishing work you presented here. God bless all of those who have contributed to this work.

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