1. No wonder they call it the carnival !! It's like a circus is in your room '-'
    What was the dry weight ?? I guess it's between 22 & 26 oz ?? Nice !!
    This is why photo's 6/7 week veg & Timer switches kill most auto's !!

  2. Hey, I have a 2×4 tent holding 4 autos under a 600 watt LED. How would things turn out if I switch to my 1000 watt full spectrum. Being one in different phase of flower, two in early and on not yet flowering?

  3. Looking great dude! Need me some carnival in my garden… HolyCrap! The hair problem. I have the same exact problem. I vacuum all the time and hair still makes it into the grow room and into my buds. LOL! Constantly pulling them out. Going to come up with a masterplan to fix this issue. But hey! Smoke up!

  4. Awesome videos man. Just a quick question about flipping to flower. How long should it take to show signs of flower? I have switched to 12/12 on the 15th of march and still no signs. Also how sensitive is the no light? I have some small led's on my fan that were not covered for the first week or so. Is that enough to keep em from sleeping? Also there is a light in the other room that comes on at hour 8 of the flowering tent. Oh yeah the plant is in a 3×3 tent closed up tight with no noticeable light leaks anywhere. Thanks again.

  5. All i keep thinking when i see this is why didnt you put another light up on other side it would be twicebthat size if the whole plant could get light.. At least 1/4 of it is just taking nuits

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