CustomGrow420 comments on Mario & Exotic Cartridges

Alright guys, the last video on the Mario & Exotic cartridges and I hope you guys enjoy this. I read some comments that were left on the first video to show you …


  1. Dude they’re shit. Way before the word even started getting around about them being garbage & contaminated you could always tell especially when you smoke them. Idk if you tried them but when I did & compared it to a cart that my boy brought back from a dispensary in Colorado(long story), the extreme difference was like night & day. It’s insane. I’m in FL and they’re everywhere. Supremes, Mario’s, Cart-Toon(Dragon Ball Z Carts), Exotics, Orange County Concentrates. They’re all around here and honestly they’re all the same. These specific carts are the ones that give people headaches sometimes. As you stated several times, this is a major problem in high schools due to the simple fact that the cool looking packaging is what sells. The one my friend had from the dispensary was in a very plain looking packaging but was so mucb better than these shit carts they’re selling to younger crowds. Glad you’re spreading this awareness as you’ve been helping me sprea the word to people out here in Florida as well! Preciate you my guy. 🙏🏽

  2. 1 Dank Cart- pesticides (probebly)
    1 Cigerette- over 3k chemicals/pesticedes (proven)

    So people need to stop crying about "pesticides" and "not lab tested" because people have been smoking pesticides and chemicals that are in cigarettes and cigars for hundreds of years! So you do the math n figure out which is worse!!

  3. I just bought a mario cart and a supreme

    As i studied the packaging

    The mario cart seem legit
    Lap tested and thc level.

    The supreme did not have that information, as the matter as fact it seemed kindof… wack..or fake.
    Turning the cartridge upside down and up straight i notice the oil wasn't dank. More like watery type.
    But both mario cart and supreme oil did the same.

    I tasted it and both taste the VERY SAME!(AND LOOK THE SAME)
    and tasted NASTY.

    But dAmN the Taste!!!🤤😨😱😵

    Anyways just my review.

    1st and last time i buy this crap

  4. Jolie olie is a bum lol …. The dude has a successful YouTube channel and he still looks like a straight meth head. just because he has a big following doesn't mean he's the end-all-be-all of weed fuckin sheeple

  5. Lmao people are funny as shit . 80 percent of carts on the black market are fake / made by someone in the area or state . It’s not about it there fake or not it’s about who’s making them and unless your in a legal state that’s all you can do you will rarely find a legit lab tested Cart that’s not in a dispo people . In order for a cart to be put in a dispo every cart has to be lab tested down to the actual tank

  6. I see a lot of people calling these fake.
    Well I just tried a cart from Florida that lasted me 12 days and it was an amazing time.
    In fact I'm going back for more.
    I liked It better than the flower

    Glad I found something real
    But you make good points about the fake ones being big awful scumbag scammers

  7. bruh mario /exotics/danks/Carthop /CART00ns/ceareal carts/ all those retarded nonbrandnames from local store and not medical marijuana dispensary are trash and poison .. kingpens and brass knicks have some fake ones roaming now but they legit& curaleaf is only legit gwt curaleaf its only in medical marijua dispensary.. they are tampered proof and all natural no pesticides no pg non of that.. and curalef has ccell carts and pens.. curaleaf is the best in the nation and legit!!! kingpens and brass knucks are ok.. but go to curaleaf dispensary its the wañmart of dispensary in nation and they the only one in nation thas legit and safe

  8. They are just cutting them like cocaine ive even seen people get burned with honey 😂 i want mine to still have the dispensery sticker on it fuck u mean plus if its runny its no good good carts are sticky asf and dont move at room temp

  9. people NEED to stop buying mario carts,supreme carts, exotic carts etc..know what yal are buying 💯recommended: Stizzy, spliffin,clear day. buy your stuff from an actual dispensary if you DONT know what your dealer is ACTUALLY selling ..its tax but its also fire and trustable. do your research b

  10. Lmao yall are stupid af, they're all different. Filled with different shit, by different people wherever u live. I dont use exotics or mario carts or any of those but i have before,there are fire ones all depending on who filled it and filled it with what

  11. Tampering causes the confusion. I see it happen on carts from dispensary when the buyer isnt the one that actually goes to the dispensary. Ive had mine tested n theyre 🔥🔥🔥

  12. Guys, I have been smoking fake dank vapes / exotic carts (unknowingly) since Ive been 13. I am 16 now and have a ridiculous amount of health issues due to them. This shit is filled with fake ass cannabinoids and pesticides and I am now permanently numb all over my body, have tremors, breathing issues, intestinal issues, and neurological damage. Please don't smoke this fake shit I will regret for the rest of my life not getting carts from an actual dispensary and I will now have to pay the permanent consequences.

  13. Been watching your carts vids for a long time. This is an issue in Norco, California. Exotic, Mario, King, Cali Plug, and Supreme are the big mains. All are 25$ to 20$. I grew up w heavy hitters and brass knuckles back in my day 2016 and it was a blinker high. It was like that until there carts came. Idk what’s real or fake. If you can help me any good cart brands you know of that can help get the high back. I’d be appreciated. Bc your right in your opinion. Hope my comment helped your point.

  14. Dude Mario is a well established brand and would not allow themselves to market for drugs when they’re in the business of games for children . Js im surprised they aren’t being sued for copyright infringement

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