Can CBD Help You Sleep Better? (How CBD Helps Insomnia)

DOES CBD HELP YOU SLEEP? // In this video, I talk about how CBD has helped my patients with difficulties sleeping – Insomnia. So, if you’re thinking about …


  1. Yes! It really helps! I have a close friend that started using CBD oils because he couldn't sleep at night, now he tells me that CBD has really changed his life, I've ordered CBD oil a couple days ago, now I'm waiting them anxious to use it!!!

  2. Great video. I refused to use Ambien too…scary! I’ve tried various CBD oil products for my pain, anxiety, PTSD and sleep. It helped a little with falling asleep but not staying asleep because it did very little for my pain (severe osteoarthritis and Fibro). I did feel a bit more mellow using CBD. I ended up going for my mm card here in NY. The doc recommended 1:1 but I went for the high CBD instead. Didn’t work so then I went for the 1:1 first in oil and now in powder. It’s been a life saver. I’ve never smoked weed and I had the notion that I didn’t want any THC. I was so wrong! The THC added more benefit! I don’t know how but it works great now. I no longer take narcs, high doses of naproxen 😩 , benzos or SSRIs!!

  3. Hello doctor
    I'm a woman, 59 years old.. Have been suffering with insomnia all my life.. Remembering it from the age of 6.. I can't fall a sleep and it has ruined most my life.. Have tried everything… Now i m trying cbd but I don't know how much to take or when.. Could you please help? Thanks 😍

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