1. Berner you are part of the reason why minorites always get the short end of the fucking stick. ALLLLLLL I see is fucking WHITE people… White people smoking weed and having fun… All I ever seen getting locked up was blacks and hispanics. It's a shame people like you are so care free you don't give a fuck. This white guy in the video who tries to talk black one second then goes back to being white is fucking disgusting. I knew there was a reason I didn't like you and it's because if it doesn't effect you personally you don't care and you are complacent.

    It's fucking sad so many lives broken by the war on drugs/weed and these people get to live life, have fun and benefit by monetizing it while the people who it had negative impacts on are STILL being arrested for it, STILL being raided for growing and STILL being treated like criminals. I say this with a sad heart, fuck you Berner and fuck them too. You've always been a wannabe.

  2. Im from almeria, im worked as a farmer into the plastic and other innovations, and i interested in work or train me as a farmer for more experience in this business when this business go to spain. Any advice?

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