1. Cant wait to see that snowbank 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 S/0 to Dirtyboyscultivation, still laughing at that April fools day seed giveaway I'll be tuned in to see who wins an how that grow comes out

  2. I love what your doing!!! You don’t know how important your channel is to my grows. I’m thinking of going no till next year. I’ve gone all organic amended my own dirt. We ramped up our grows this year. I’m getting ready to video tape it all. You’ve inspired me in ways you’ll never understand. Thank you so much for all of your hard work brother.

  3. New grower this yr, trying out and would like to know what, soil brand u use…just want to have a good first grow..I'm covered in nutrient wise…I just want a good soil, that will help do a good job..for my first time….
    Love ur channel also…
    Very helpful and easy to understand
    Awesome job

  4. What’s up im fairly new at growing I’ve grown once before from seedling to flower., I just planted a seed I found in some really good flower and it sprouted and is now 2 weeks old. I feel as if it really slowed down. It was in a cup and I noticed the roots poking out so I transplanted like 2 days ago. I only reported because noticed it stopped growing as fast. When I transplanted I noticed like 2 or 3 mushrooms in the soil and I immediately removed them I’m still not sure if that’s a good sign or not but I am using some compound no special soil. I mixed with some miracle grow potting mix. And still has not grown. I currently am keeping it Outdoors in the daytime and at night it goes under a small desk lamp which is Led Will this affect my plant?

  5. I can’t wait to see them all big n fat! One of mine it’s really sad I don’t know what to do with it but hopefully doesn’t die. Can you tell me what i can do to save it? Shes two months.

  6. Good day brother growemie I had an idea tell everyone to shere the story of and about their first grow. And how it went. Would be really cool thanks again brother 🌞 🌱 🌲 💨

  7. Let me ask you a question truthfully are you enjoying what you're doing I sure in the fuck am I enjoying what you're doing but my problem is I'm enjoying what you're doing so much I keep watching your mother fucking video and not going out and doing my own sakes I don't have one plant started this this year yet you do and I hope to God on the full moon you had your plants outside in the middle of the night if you did you're going to get that extra radiant of light that would tell your girls to be girls not to start budding but you'll be able to identify your girls within a week to two weeks after this if you had your plants outside and check this out I'm watching Z Nation on March 22nd Friday at 6 in the morning and I Z Nations on and check this out it takes marijuana and they're smoking marijuana on Z Nation I'm watching right now so I don't know if he just pulled a seed which it look did look like a man want to see that all is just a big round with a blue flower I'm okay they're on their way off on the other touch here okay man God bless you the goddess priest of Northern California ? What is tied to your video is any videos that they're dredging for gold and they're showing them sucking up the sand in the creek that is as much of an enjoyment to me as watching a marijuana plant grow the sea you can't just have nine plants cuz that's all you have is 9 flavors what you want to do is grow your plants not dig not Giant and you grow 47 plants get a whole bunch of different flavors and in the popcorn that's down below you pick all off I don't I leave it there I cut off all night my main leaves in the beginning for sure and then I go see the second for the second cutting but then in the end you got the third cutting some cuttings basically in the bag so would you dry out your shit you put it in the bag that's it 47 flavors not 8 cuz I mean I choose I'll get bored of 8 Flavors in one year that's like going to club and buy them and then go to the club and buying and go on the club and Vine you always get me I have different shit every time I smoke I've got in one cabinet I've got half gallons 22 of those 1 quart and then 4747 1 gal in totes your plants are bigger than mine by far but the amount of heel that got for the amount of property I used was probably I'd say double than what you got I use no chemicals on the plants spraying them it's you you're in your garden you're in your garden all year long you see a butterfly little kitty brown butterfly the ones that land on Clover and they got their the double cent wings and their little teeny brown ones can I have them do not grow any kind of plant that's going to flower in your backyard it would track all the butterflies rock on gold dredging is just as good as your videos but nobody talks your videos this is Huey from Sonoma I want some seeds man unless you been I want to see it please what am I supposed to say beg for seeds all right man rock on

  8. Would love to try these seeds as the parents of the snow bank are some of my all time favorites and would love to taste those amazing terps after I harvest and turn them into rosin or smoke them out of a recycler, I am a LEGAL MEDICAL PATIENT in a new state and medicine is very over priced now, and have severe nausea that I have to deal with daily that sometimes keeps me in bed all day, would love to see if this was the right medicine for ME!! IF I WON I WOULD START MY FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO WITH MY LEGAL SEEDS AND WOULD LOVE TO SHARE THE JOURNEY THE GENETICS TAKE! I’m building a green house and will have an indoor garden too so you would be able to see both styles! I have been watching for a really really love time know and love your techs! Keep up the great work and keep the updates comin!! Stay safe, peace and love from THE 420 GUY!!!!✌️🤞🌲🍁🤟🎂🍓

    I also know how to grow so I would waste a single one of those seeds and would pollinate them with one of my own strains I gathered pollen from and could do a giveaway with the seeds I cross from the giveaway phenos, vote me up growmies and I’ll do more than just grow videos, I’ll do extractions, strain reviews, dispensary reviewS, brand reviews, cooking segments and more! I love all forms of cannabis and dabble a lot in concentrates but love flower and edibles too! My passion is growing and extracting the best medicine possible with any genetics that are available!! PLEASE LET ME WIN THE SNOWBANK SEEDS IF NOT THE WHOLE PACK OF SEEDS AND IF HE SENDS A HAT ILL FO A GIVE AWAY WITH A FEW SEEDS FRON THE PACK AND THE HAT FOR MY 4-20 SUBSCRIBER VIDEO!!!!!!

  9. Looking good man, I just got one of those hlg quantum boards to veg and experiment with. Thing absolutely crushes compared to the two t8 fixtures I was using. My zkittles plant(seed from a clone) is looking all kinda of wonky so I think I’m gonna pull her and pickup a clone. I’m a little skeptical of dark hearts genetics maybe someone can clarify on that. Props yo!

  10. Hey bro you are a great gardener!! I was wondering where I can get GG#4 or Super glue clones & or seeds ??thanks I've looked all over in cali! Thank you and keep doin your thing man !you got it on point

  11. What up broski. I have been breeding seeds for a while now and what i have noticed is when seeds fall of the plant and grow in the soil naturaly. They pop up in winter and veg all through summer and end up huge. When i start seeds inside and they mature for a month or so under the T 5s they have the chance of doing some funny half veg half flower crap. My recommendation if you know your seeds are feminized you should just start them outside and let them do their thing you should have no problems.

  12. the babies are looking good and you been consistently dropping videos keep that content coming let me know when the seed giveaway is poppin off I'm trying to get some of them beans🌰🌰🌰🌰

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