Week 5 for the girls done green gelato royal gorilla stardawg northern lights uk grow

RG1 3rd week flower, RG2 2nd week flower, both NL 1 week flower all rest 3 week veg after a 2 week seedling period.


  1. Nice work there bro!! I cant wait to have some new photos growing, i plan to top and lst, thats what i did with all of my sativa clones fyi! Gonna have some big bushes bruh!! subbed up, thot i did already! 😁✌

  2. They are well hungry them plants …soon as you get you EC pen u will get ten times more ..guessing gets you know where all your problems are because you plants arnt getting inuf nutrients

  3. Bro you need to completely saturate those until run off atleast once a day. This will get your ph balanced and bring new air into the rhizosphere. Are you adding cal mag ? If not you need to add it in at 1/4 dose every feed. Drop it off 4 weeks before end of strains life. Used coco for many years successfully. You dont do a dry cycle !! Treat it as you would rockwool or clay pebbles… big up ✌🏽💚

  4. Make a vid bruva way ur light off ..we'll get a better look..but thay did bounce bk..a flush in coco jst b4 flwer wk2 then wk4 .. a run a heavy feeding plus pk1314 regime on ma plants av got mine on 35mill canna A n B per 10liter water n ma ppms is jst over 600ppm thts the highest ill go on base nut then ill go to abt 800..900 odd way pk mayby now n again jst over 1000ppm but thts depends on how thayv been n a knw will handle it n thts ushally 10wk flwering strains knw.. but their looking beautifull buddy nice one.. respect flying the flag for all us uk growers..peace frm up by glasgow

  5. Looking goood brother u up for traiding a clone ay tht stardawg wen its old enuff av got a gd few genetics on go at mo..plzzzz.. as a told u a lost ma stardawg mum to the law last summer n a cant get it no wear..a got it off a grower on hear ..

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