Water Hash Hacks – Advanced Techniques How To

These hacks include: How to protect your bags, how to remove water faster and easier and how to clean debris out of your water hash. A few notes about the …


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  2. I would suggest an end result when doing these videos, we like to see what the product looks like when it's finished and hopefully you can test it and let us know how it fairs in that arena as well.

  3. IV been making hash for 15 years and ditched the sleeve bucket long ago, but literally every other tip is fucking gold,

    My only addition is to keep some of your waste water to rinse bags and buckets instead of fresh (new) potentially not as cold of water

    Thanks for the tips

  4. draining ur 25 mic bag drill holes in drain bucket place all ur payload bags inside 1 another if u have more than 1 lol ive got 9 bags so u can grade ur hash ANYBODY NEEDS HELP LET ME NO HAPPY TO HELP

  5. This is such a great video! Wtf is everyone talking about inn the comment section?? Sounds like a bunch of kids who have never made hash in their lives and only wanna see the final product. Great job man, hope you see this.

  6. The results must of been bad enough not to be featured in the video.
    I will say thank you for the first tip, the bucket in the work bag will be useful during the 3-4 runs.

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