1. So how do you like the flower? I have only used hemp flowers and also do reviews on them myself but watching your videos has me wanting to try out the cbd vape oils especially for work hours ……btw I have a few discount codes for cbd companies if your interested in trying some companies out …..

  2. I don’t think I’ll be doing this format, but I do need advice on my vape oils. Unfortunately, I’m babysitting two of my grandkids, and I don’t have the packaging with me. I bought one vial that contains, I believe, 500 CBD and 500 terpenes, and it hurts my (lungs? Bronchial tubes?) to vape it. I bought another vial that says it I’d 100% isolate, and that doesn’t hurt, but i. Not sure how much I’m getting with that. When I get home this evening, I’ll get the exact figures off the packaging. It’s not supposed to hurt, is it?

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