Uk outdoor grow 2019 – Spring is here

Hello everyone, ive been busy preparing my grow site for this years outdoor grow, so far ive dug the area over and mixed in mature to condition the soil ready for …


  1. Oh yes mate that’s great work with the soil. We are tryna find a site like this we can properly get amongst the ground 💚🙏🏼 this is looking superb ! Looking forward to your grow a lot 🤪💚💯

  2. The extra sunshine alone from inside a wood to in a field will double your yield. Consider adding companion plants now . Nitrogen fixing clovers and some pest repelling plants.

  3. Nice spot mafriend looking forward to see wht uv got going dwn buddy..keeep it green only gonna do autos this yr ended up havein to blast abt 60photos into shatter n ma autos killed it..the mazars killed it big time n a only used the 1pound boxes off blood n bone n bone meal out off pound land and their 1pound bags off 10ltr compost n coco n perlite bro.. n dne rght well tay.. but looking forward to ur grow bruv..peac

  4. I won't go before May anymore, been caught out by frost one too many times here in the south east. Better to give em a few weeks indoors, wait for pre-flowers whilst hardening them off, then go, IMHO. Wish you the best of luck with the season.

  5. The soil mix looks very nice and healthy mate. Great colour, and worms are a great sign.😁👍 I've been waiting for your outdoor grow again….💪🌱👊 cheers bro.🇦🇺💚💚

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