In this video I talk about the top 4 LED grow lights in 2019. The LED grow lights in this video are for a 2’x2′ grow space. If you enjoyed this video please click the …


  1. There mrGrowit goes again… Love the information, a REAL led light review. I hate those amazon shills who rank best lights, amazinly they are all available at Amazon…

  2. If I can try one I choose the last one u show us… Yes I Bro nice video and delicious garden my friend… What s u think about 3000K leds cob ? Can it be good for a poor man like me ? Want to mix it with 6500k too.. It's a good idea ? Bless Bro stay high and loved

  3. i might not have the money for some of the fancy lights but i make due with what i have // its always great to get good light reviews on many different brands and types depending on the grow a person wants or needs // again thanks for the info – makes future ideas more possible to achieve !!

  4. My grow went off after adding a single optic 1 to my 3×5 grow. I am using that optic1 to supplement my vipar v600 and par 600. These lights were doing well, I just wanted more red spectrum in my grow. I must say for the money and wattage draw along with good spectrum the optic 1 is hard to
    beat when it comes to flower.

  5. Great video man!love your professional sounding commentary compared to the typical stoner vibes in other videos where people wing it and forget what they was just talking about 🤣🤣

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