Meth & Adderall are the same drug & other drug facts

I went on All In With Chris Hayes to talk about drugs and drug hysteria. Below are a few topics we touched on: Why did the NAACP team up with the KKK?


  1. Again Meth and Adderall are not the fucking same.
    H2O and H2O2 are not the same either, one you drink it is good for you and is called water, the other is toxic and deadly and is called Hydrogen Peroxide.

    Doctor needs to go to basic chemistry classes in 5th grade and learn it from the start.

    You can't fucking say the same you are a fucking doctor.

  2. Dexoyn is not the same as adderall, I could not tolerate adderall made my breathing labored. Dexoyn is more tolerable, could not take ritalin. Dexedrine, or wellbutrin. I have never taken crack, couldn't take cocaine, did nothing, marijuana, ir anything else.

  3. FDA-AMA etc. are Glorified Drug Dealers for Big-Pharma—-FDA legally prescribed kiddie cocaine/crystal meth such as Adderall/Ritalin etc.—-FDA legally prescribed opiods are pharmaceutical grade HEROIN produced in a laboratory—FDA legally prescribed SYNTHETIC THC/CBD produced in a laboratory vs. Whole Plant THC/CBD—-FDA legally prescribed antidepressants/antipsychotics can and do cause suicidal/homicidal tendencies —-WAKE-UP !!!

  4. There is a guy on YouTube who was a drug feind and that he has taken every thing under the sun and back. And he says that meth and adderall are different but the high that he got was the same as meth.

  5. I know I'm late to this conversation, but I have to ask .. how does something that started it's drug life as "a DESIGNER drug" which, let's be real CRYSTAL-meth did .. end up being the "same" as the morphed version of white crosses? And they're supposedly benzadrine or what the truckers called bennies .. so .. huh?
    Also .. I've dealt with speed freaks and I've dealt with meth-heads and let me tell you there is NOTHING similar about them .. mentally it's like comparing a house cat to one of the big cats .. aside from the name the difference is day and night.
    About the opioid malfunction .. there's a person that said they'd had oxycotin and had heroin and the oxy got them high quicker .. IF that's true I would be willing to to bet they had stolen the oxy from someone who had been diagnosed with something incurable and had been on pain meds for a long time because each med loses it's effectiveness over time and the dose requires adjusting so they AREN'T in so much pain .. so the person who had the oxy DIDN'T get something that strong from a doctor (unless they lied through THEIR teeth about what they were taking). ALSO something I DIDN'T see in the comments .. yes oxy can help a heroin user pass the DTs BUT methadone users who go into the DTs .. the ONLY thing that will bring them out of them, is heroin not oxy. That's fact, not fiction. And unless they've come up with something in the last few years, that HASN'T changed.

  6. Adderall ages u, not as extreme as meth. my friends who take addy look so worn out and aged, super dull flat skin complexion and sunken in eye sockets. if you don’t care about aging then by all means knock yourself out kids. to each their own

  7. First of all this guy's hair sucks, looks like the movie Predator…. Second of all, I am surprised that he didn't say that taking meth is the same as drinking a cup of coffee…. F*cking Retarded video and such a dumbass notion to say meth is the same as adderall. The Methel compound group is a very big deal. I hate F*ckTards especially ones with predator hair 😕

  8. A lotta people are misunderstanding Dr. Hart here. He means they're very similar concerning effects. That's a fact. Adderall, like meth, can wear the fuck out of one's dopamine when taken habitually. Dr. Hart's point I think was that it's silly to only regard meth as dangerous and not regard a legal drug like Adderall which is simply given to kids without even much thought of what the long-term effects are, which are scarily similar on the brain to those seen with longtime meth use.

  9. The main thing the METHyl group does in methAMPHETAMINE is make it metabolize as a much faster rate, last a little longer, and generally produce more mental effects such as euphoria and concentration increases.

    The side effects are the same.
    The main effects are the same.

    The risks are the same.

    However, since meth lasts for quite a longer duration in general, especially when people redose, they may end up staying awake for multiple days at a time.

    During this time, the user may lose track of time, become anxious, paranoid, or even hallucinate due to sleep deprevation. Not due to meth.

    Much like morphine and heroin are the same drug.
    Adderall and Meth are the same drug.

    Due to the diacetyl/methyl attachments, they may act slightly differently.

    But hey, in the USA if you don't hate other people you're not American.

  10. I laugh at people who say the drugs are the same. One is Dextro/Levo Ampetamine, while the other Is Methyl-amphetamine. Meth decays into Dextro after about 12 hours in the body. Adderral will hit you like a damn train if you are new to speed. However, if you use meth and on average use about 150mgs a session, then if you take 150 mgs of Adderall(75% dextro/25%Levo-Amphetamine) it will feel like a light breeze compared to the train of pleasure that which is Meth. Get the fuck out "Scientists" take it from an addict himself.

  11. The delusionalness of it all. Comparing which addiction is and economic time was better. The hypocrisy of it all. Universal law doesn't discriminate. What goes around comes around, it's just not "those people" anymore. It's the finger pointers turn now. Instead of incarceration, it understanding and treatment! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!

  12. methamphetamine is not the same as dextroamphetamine, the former is also a neuro-toxin, even the pharmaceutical methamphetamine (desoxyn) is a neuro-toxin. there might be comparable cognitive and neurological effects but they aren't one in the same. i get that you have to dumb down the info for a mass audience/consumption but this statement is disappointing coming from an otherwise knowledgeable doctor.
    what's kind of interesting is that you could make methamphetamine from the ephedra plant's alkaloids, ephedrine and pseudoephedrine. Although this is never done as it's easier and cheaper to synthetically produce said alkaloids, but it is possible!

    the crack and powder being the same thing is true, whoever believes mixing baking soda with cocaine hcl powder makes it "stronger and more addictive" is just fucking dumb and ignorant. it just changes the ingestion method, although injecting powder cocaine is even more intense and produces that instant-fiending behavior as much or more than a blast of rock.

  13. So the big difference between meth and adderall is that meth isn't dose controlled. Meth-heads are probably taking much more.

    Which explains why they'll happily buy pills when meth isn't available.

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