Managing A Narcissist | Ann Barnes | TEDxCollingwood

Narcissists are on the rise, especially in the workforce. While the research is still out on why this is happening; Ann Barnes outlines the different kinds of …


  1. Why not just hire a younger baby boomer, those who were in college in the 80s, or a Gen Xer, who are qualified for the position? Then you won’t have to try so hard to manage these people! Age discrimination is real, but in this environment employers should really rethink their hiring policies.

  2. My cousin is a narcissist and I did everything this lady did and the result?
    You can't take this person anywhere without getting into some agrument or conflicy especially when they are not center of attention and admiration. These people hardly ever change . This lady is Ludacris , narcs do well in business and the entertainment because they don't care about anyone but them selves and that's a way to ruin society

  3. My beautiful son has NPD. Its been helped by others. But i wants to help him and get my family back. I was def narsictuc with selfies etc. Now i care only for my family my home and im praying. I left with my other sons and its been 8weeks

  4. Guys, it’s a disorder, like a legit problem. No different than some others disorders so why not treat it as such? When we interact with other people with other disorders we approach them with empathy as well as self respect meanwhile when some with a narcissist disorder comes around, we ultimately can’t change or help them. Point it out. The first step to recovery is ACKNOWLEDGMENT

  5. Just read her bio, she clearly likes bandwagons. This is misinformed and certainly not based even on personal experience. Narcissists don’t do well on their own, they need admiration and opportunities to prove how smart they are via control and manipulation. Other people are just fuel to their egos. Also while they would love you constantly praising them, ironically they would view this as weakness and prey on you to feed their ego. (Not to be confused with their self-esteem which is non-existent.) Pathological narcissists are an unsolvable dilemma and a liability. Sure, they need love but giving them love is like being vulnerable to a scorpion. 🐸 🦂

  6. Please stop with the categorizing of narcissists they are all the same in the end. The only difference is some are overt and the others are covert. You say potato I say potahto.

  7. C'mon Its like a TED talk on how to best utilize a serial killer or gangster in bussiness environment , assuming that its a normal irreformable state of being.


  8. I’m a narcissist. I didn’t choose it. I’m not out to get you, I’m not out to take what you have, I’m not out to hurt you; I promise I barely notice you. I’m far too focused on my own growth and progression. Yes, you’re asking for trouble if you’re in between me and where I want to be; but if you stay in your lane; I’ll stay in mine. Treat me with respect; and I will do the same for you. Once again; I did not choose to be narcissistic; I’ve been this way as far back as I can remember. It doesn’t make me any less human.

  9. Wrong, they are ALL malignant, they are cancer on everyone and everything in their vicinity and your percentages are wayyyyyyy off. They are ALL mentally ill and in a predatory survival mode at ALL times. WE need to distance ourselves as far from these sub humane predatory freaks as far we can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. … guess what… THE MEN ARE AT WORK… the rest, meh… lazy asses out for themselves… fakers, takers, not productive makers… partiers, think daddy gov't is gonna be there all-ways – know where they get it from… welp, DAD… was at work… it's the girls…

  11. This woman wouldn't see the narcs I've known coming. They'd eat this woman for breakfast. This is ridiculous – there is no screening for narcissists at a job interview!?! I agree with every "wtf!?"

  12. Narcissism is a direct result of legal system failing and the corrupt men and women who represent it. The failing of corporate wrong doers who put profit before people at every turn fail to uphold the well being and interests of the people they are allegedly elected to represent.
    Al organised religions are the cornerstone of the legal system the two are directly interlinked. Both social systems operate to entrap extort and exploit. We are enslaved by and to the legal system. We are oppressed.
    Thousands upon thousands of written rules and regulations created not to protect people but created to protect business. Mass scale fraud. Birth certificate fraud.
    When an infant is born we look at it and can ask *what harm can it do. It can do no harm.
    Falsehood social systems created from assumption presumption speculation half truths and lies i.e. all organised religions the legal system the media divert us from knowing the truth.
    How can we make sense of the world when a corrupt minority have enslaved us all.
    Time for change. Real change. We should all be striving to reclaim our inherent and unalienable birth rights back from the legal system and put and end to all deprivation and depravity created by it.

  13. Q. In what areas of life is a narcissist more successful than a non-narcissist?

    A: Can the narcissist be harnessed? Can his energies be channeled productively?

    This would be deeply flawed – and even dangerous – “advice”. Various management gurus purport to teach us how to harness this force of nature known as malignant or pathological. Narcissists are driven, visionary, ambitious, exciting and productive. To ignore such a resource is a criminal waste. All we need to do is learn how to “handle” them.

    Yet, this prescription is either naive or disingenuous. Narcissists cannot be “handled”, or “managed”, or “contained”, or “channeled”. They are, by definition, incapable of team work. They lack empathy, are exploitative, envious, haughty and feel entitled. Narcissists dissemble, conspire, destroy and self-destruct. They are undeterred by possible punishment and do consider themselves subject to Man-made laws. The narcissist holds human edicts, rules, and regulations in disdain and human penalties in disdain. He regards human needs and emotions as weaknesses to be predatorily exploited.

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