1. im telling you, gahs. he has an extra chromosome like a chimp, causing his complete and total lack of self awareness.
    blaha is completely oblivious to his own pressence and existence.

    thats why he constantly slings shade about anyone and everyone and then crys like a kicked poodle when someone bashes his dumbass self.

    as simple as it seems and is, he has a very complex type of mental pathology which is layered like an onion.
    and likely all stemming from some traumatic event from his childhood and a lifetime of pathetic existence.

    that and hes a complete dumbass. lol

  2. 2:15 classic Blaha. Police with a ‘warrent’ search his apartment, but couldn’t find anything – not that there wasn’t anything there, just that he outsmarted them. Again. Breaking outta jail cells, disarming cops…

  3. "Amazing life-improving wonder drugs". No different than his "believe it or not steroids really work cuckle " schtick which he's also said posting as darketernal on the icke forum. Jason is infatuated with steroids, because they gave him a chance to be something resembling a male after a lifetime of waddling around with a micropenis, breasts and gigantic woman hips, all of which he still has, but now he can lift heavy things! Without steroids, Jason's voice becomes abhorrently feminine, to the point that it's disturbing. He will never be off gear, and has only claimed to stop because police now know he is illegally brewing steroids in his apartment.

  4. Like how someone has to be told that Blaha is on roids. Instead of it being obvious just by looking at him.

    Also no gym is kicking you out coz you use. Maybe if you talk about it in gym. And obvs try sell it.

    Also x2 I'm still not sure what I think on Blahas gear use. It's so bizarre.

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