1. That's a really weird reaction to CBD, sorry to hear. I use it for my depression and it's amazing for me. Maybe it is a biological thing that makes you react differently.

  2. How many dropperfuls did you take, and what is the strength 500mg? 1000mg?.. you put it under your tongue and let it absorb for 1.5 mins yes? ..you need to let the capillaries under your tongue absorb it..

  3. I have 5 herniated disc. My son wants me to try CBD oil and I would be willing to try but if I test positive when I go to my back dr. he will not be able to give me the meds I need to help me be able to function each day. Texas needs to legalize weed. If for nothing else medical purposes.

  4. You’re never gonna see this, but I fell into the rabbit hole one night… and I feel like you’d make this hilarious… https://youtu.be/SZsNxbRkcNg
    The whiteness is really something that’s comparable to that of freshly fallen snow.
    Anyway couldn’t figure out how to dm you on here or Twitter. So, up this y’all, he’d make this hilarious!

  5. CBD had bad effects on me too. I had read that it is good for anxiety and depression. It did help initially with the anxiety but it actually made my depression worse. Like almost to the point of harming myself worse, which I had never been THAT extreme. Definitely no bueno.

  6. Try different brands of CBD each time. While the effects of CBD isolate have been proven to be beneficial and non-intoxicating in lab tests, the truth is most commercial CBD is not well regulated. Most of it is shipped from China or India, because the hemp that is legal to use for CBD in the US (regulated to less than .03 percent thc) does not have enough CBD to use for extract. The plants that time significant CBD also have some THC content, and some CBD on shelves has been found to contain a non-negligible amount of THC. Look up the brands for ones that are consistent and well-sourced.
    Also while CBD has proven plenty anti-anxiety and pain relief effects, it's still kinda a grey area as to if it really helps with sleep.

  7. I've read the CBD oil isn't regulated, so maybe you got some that's poor quality, a bad batch, or a bad formula, etc. Just something to think about.

  8. I'm currently 24 and looking to buy a house. It's terrifying, but there are tons of perks! You could even go the landlord route and rent it out later down the line if you decide to move. But my mortgage will be less than it is to rent my current 1 bedroom apartment! And it will be a place to call my own, I won't have to deal with upstairs neighbors in apartments or crappy landlords. I'm rooting for ya Wheezy, good luck!

  9. Over here in the wildlands of yonder…aka….. Scotland, they've been pushing a soft drink… A bit like red bull I guess…. That's CBD based, supposedly it helps with pain relief, I suffer chronic pain through nerve damage…. Did nothing for me though so I'm leaning more to snake oil I guess 🤔

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