How to grow "Mendo Dope" from Seed – Part 5 (HARVEST)

A step by step guide on how to Harvest and Finish CURING Trees like Mendo Dope. From staring a seed in Part 1 to forming a marijuana tree using all kinds of …


  1. do you guys think, maybe from an engineering stand point, it would make sense to bury the cages within the soil pools, as well as staking them for more of a sturdy foundation for the stalks?? if I did this do you think k out would be a bad move for the roots?? I don't wanta damage the roots, but wind is a factor where I'm at.

  2. This whole series was epic! I just binge watched all 5 episodes. Thanks for sharing all this dope info and taking all the time and energy to film this. Thats a lot of work! Cheers

  3. How do you guys bring in cash to fund your grows? You guys work part-time or full-time doing other shit or na?

    Considering your well off now obviously, how did you guys fund it when you first started? I'm trying to get some inspiration.

  4. Just watched the whole series and I have to say Mendo Dope is literally the best guide instruction Mentor sensei ever. Then while watching the best part of my day was when the bud touch the ground that was literally the best. next as the hole can you guys have or do you have a shopping list where I am able to get good things either online or at stores in ball 4 season growth. God bless Mendo Dope also your tunes and tracks you are amazing the one to which stuck out which is my fav is "personal" that's right literally is my life. going to be growing this year using your tips thank you and will keep you updated via Facebook and Twitter

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