1. Anti vaxxers(the stupidest of kids): VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM
    Me: WOuld you rather have your child die from a preventeble diasease then give them autism?
    ANti vaxxers: ………

  2. Don't get pigeon holed into thinking one way or the other about the "vaccines". A vaccine is not a single thing, it can be almost any concoction to mess with your immune system, some work, some don't. Some have heavy metals, some don't. Some cause the onset of autism, some don't. Open your mind to more than one category and please, use your truest personal discernment, you have it for a reason.

  3. Why people hate vaccine when there's other medicines which sounds frightening. Chemotherapy drugs is unsafe for nature and antibiotics can cause allergic reaction like Steven-Johnson's Syndrome ( the worst, try to google it). And there is a Nuclear pharmacy where there use a radioactive substances to treat certain disease. Why do you guys don't hate it like the way you hate vaccines.

  4. Just another propaganda pro-vaccine video which will never get censored. Learn how vaccines "work" but totally forget you have a natural immune system in your body and that vaccines are only a product to be sold. Also, the usual comments that non-vaccinated people are gonna die, are going to kill everyone and that they're murderers. Nothing new. Bad public relations relying upon emotion.

  5. their hands are sometimes curved stubs along with their feet, but in other frames, there are fingers. Dissapointing. Another scene was where a doctor was injecting a shot to a child with his stub hands, and there was no way that he could inject it with his stubs.

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