1. He definitely got the MONEY all he Stole Hustled Worked Used people for but his Ego and Superficial Attitude did this to him he has a great potential.. But he ARROGANT AND WONT ADMIT HIS OWN MESS.! He is not Strong and addictions is his Escape not dealing with the ISSUES AND TEMPORARY FIX OR RUNNING AWAY..that's How He Met Me!! And fooled me being in TEMPORARY FIXES it is Sad because his family destroyed a Good Man! By constantly being CO-DEPENDENT on Him in denial and not facing the Truth steady putting him on a Pedestal and Investing in him to make them ALL RICH AND FAMOUS IN THEIR WORLD OF DENIAL AND MAKE BELIEVE I was there tried with ALL MY HEART TO SHOW HIM THE LIGHT AND HE DAMN NEAR DESTROYED ME FOR EVERYTHING I WORKED FOR AND STOOD FOR BY LOVING HIM.. smh😢

  2. It's my little brother. I talked his wife out of leaving but it is the last time!! I cant stay just to watch him kill him self and destroy our family. Im going to help her leave if he doesn't clean up for real this time 😢

  3. Hey nun this may resonate with a twinflame that have an nice job but come to work high on uppers and downers. They hooking up with the stank receptionist. Low key the work in the medical field btw.

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