1. Of course, when you're losing weight, you also need to moderate your diet for it to stick because you don't want to take in more calories than you're burning. When you know what kind of results you want, and what your reasons are behind exercising…

  2. Forgot to say that i am 67, almost 68, and i can do this workout to completion, ( been working out for 30 yrs,) so come on youngsters, u can do it too. To the oldsters, it never too late to get started. subscribed

  3. Watching from Syria. I don't understand German but it's so easy to follow you. You're great, I love all your exercices. I guess I started learning german nombers and some other words.😍

  4. Hallo, dieses Video hat eine Creative Commons Lizenz. Das bedeutet, dass der Uploader erlaubt hat, das Video weiterzuverwenden, auf eigene Kanäle hochzuladen etc. Wenn man in der Videobeschreibung unterhalb des Videos auf show more klickt, kommt der Hinweis auf die Lizenz: Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)

    War wohl ein Versehen, oder?

  5. Besten Dank an dein gutes Training, durch dich konnte ich meine Aerobic Hausarbeit fertigstellen und 90min Sportstunde mit diesem Thema abschließen.

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