Cannabis Marijuana Stocks: Aphria Aurora Weed + More (3/21/2019)

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  1. 12/26 ema cross is an excellent suggestion for those of us investors who are taking Boot Camp and have decided to cut our big and medium losers in order to learn to trade safe with the same rules as a professional. While we are learning to analyze the charts and use new basis for planning trades, this 12/26 ema cross will give many opportunities to trade in the mean time! Awesome job team!

  2. Thanks for taking the time, your 12 crossing the 26 is really good. What period do you use and what does each candle represent?So we don't give you "crap information" like you said! Finaly the price on your website is canadian or USD? Thanks for taking the time to answer and post all the videos. Your courses can save alot of mistakes that are $$$ , you sound very disciplined and serious!

  3. Hey man
    Am still holding 700 shares of acb at 13.11 ….. am nervous 😬 I don’t want to loose my money ? Any thoughts on what I should do ? In the long run I think I will be ok right ? I know u just provide ur opinion

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