1. from what i can see is that this redecan weed that they packaged in july or august looks like shit however i ordered white widow from redecan on the OCS site its a batch that was packaged this month and it looks way better than this crap the buds have nice tricomes on it, smells decent and not moldy and no signs of any bugs it is pretty dry i will say that at the worst but i think they learned their lesson and are approving however that much dryness is still unacceptable lol

  2. Can't see anything in the video, weed looks perfectly fine. I've got Redecan bunch of times had no issues, got more coming in mail so maybe I'll do a video. If your having problems just grow your own, only problem I've had so far is the buds are super dry sometimes but just per say when you buy a ps4 one out of every 5000 is factory fucked. Not trying to be rude but if you want good medicine just gotta do it yourself then you know it's good product. What did you expect when ordering off the government I knew ever since my first weed order that wasn't gunna be as good as my own grown or my buddies.

  3. Please avoid redecan for they have bugs and mold and just crap weed in general. And i just got from ocs a new grower called canaca. Its complete hay. No buzz at all. And i am also finding black specs in canaca. Please check. Thanks.

  4. I find this video very suspicious. If the table was loaded with bugs why not simply video a close up of them?
    To be honest the bugs don't surprise me or bother me to much but the mold,,yuk,,,early packaging with moist bud would be my guess

  5. This video is beyond frustrating to watch – please use MANUAL focus !!!!!!
    That being said, disgusting. I won't ever buy bud from these suppliers … I'll stick with my local storefront that is still open where I can actually see and smell the stuff before I buy it.

  6. Which LP are you working for you – you did not show one insect and the shake on your white board are certainly not insects – it is shake from you handling the buds so carelessly. It is obvious that you have an agenda here. Next time to gain credibility perhaps you would open the boxes and bottles on camera and those burrows are actually spaces within the bud you dumb f..k. I could spend all day picking holes in your fake news however what would be the point.

  7. I'd suggest consulting with a scouting company or entomologist. This isn't very credible. You can't see any insect morphology to ID it as anything other than a black dot.

  8. Lol. Keeping a garden bug free is one of the most difficult things you can do. Don't expect it to get any better any time soon. This will continue as it's nearly impossible to inspect every bud, and when you can get mold within the bud or powdery mildew that essentially lives within the plants systemically, you're fighting a losing battle. Don't forget the aphids. I'll live with my black market pot thanks. The government won't be dictating a fucking thing to me. Certainly won't be forcing me to buy their shitty, overpriced, moldy dope.

  9. Bugs, Bugs, are we really worried about bugs ffs.. Bugs mean no pesticides which I like.. Deal with it I am sure they will keep an eye on future crops.. YOu only make them have to use pesticides you dip shit

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