anime memes that I like to watch while I'm giving birth

What’s better to help you give birth other than watching some sweet anime memes? Click here: to subscribe to the channel and know …


  1. Anime vines I like to watch while I reminisce about the good times when I was younger when I actually had friends to only then be sucked back into reality once the video ends about how all of my memories are of the past and only something I can carry on as a lesson to the future to find the best friends I can have and be to other people through the power of anime that I crave daily on a constant basis to fulfill the depths of my heart.
    Also, anime at 4:57 ?

  2. anyone anyone!!!
    so if u have watched tokyo ghoul pls let me know how the third season is called: Tokyo Ghoul:re or Tokyo Ghoul:re (season 2(
    im pretty sure its re but i dont know for sure

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