4 Tips For Transplanting (FIG) Cuttings | Potting Soil | AntiTranspirant | Fertilizer | Pot Size

Charles Malki, Biologist & Plant Expert from shares, at least, four (4) tips to help transplant your cuttings from the original container to the …


  1. I was listening to the pear grafting video and working then it went into a few more .
    You said to send you pics of our grafting and ask questions .
    I grafted 30 years ago first and it went well.
    Roses bud graft in june and august .
    A few years ago I started fruit .
    apples pears and plums and even peaches last 3 years.
    for some reason apricots on plums never succeed .
    Would some other grafting be better in the next 2-3 months ?

  2. Charles,  Can I start a fig cutting now with the double clear cup like you do by sticking it in rooting compound and sitting it in the window sill with 50/50 pearlite and vermiculite.  Seems like everybody says to wait until fall or winter to do this

  3. Another awesome informative fig video. I love watching your videos because I learn so much. I will be potting my Figs this week. The only thing is my perlite in the cups has a greenish to the top. What do I do with that not to harm my Figs that may need to stay in the cups a bit longer to grow better root system. It is beginning to smell a bit. I have the spray and the can for the plant guard. Can I use the spray to protect the bark? Maybe spray a couple times on the stem and the leaves or do I need to put on a brush on? My stems are small. My older fig trees are doing great because of your help. I can’t wait to get some fruit. How long should a green fig take that is 3 year old and one is 2 years old to fruit? Is there anything I should be doing besides reporting them to bigger pots to get them to fruit not just grow leaves? Thanks again for all your help and I am a loyal IV Organic’s User!! I will send you some pictures soon!

  4. Hey Charles, Tim hear. I'm from south Mississippi. Just subscribed and I have to say your videos are some of the most informative I have watched and I have several I enjoy. Lots of details and really enjoy how organized you present the info. I grew up gardening around 6 years old with my grand father. Now years later, after he passed, I found a new love for it again. Have learned so much in the last three years. Keep up the good work.

  5. I love fresh figs from the trees. What kind of fig is recommended for S.California (I’m in LA between Culver City/Mar Vista area. Three miles from Venice Beach). I’ve heard of Turkey fig being very sweet but forgot exactly is been a while I think I tried a sample at someone’s yard many years ago but didn’t have a house yet to grow one.

  6. That Bee made me laugh, he thought the yellow was a flower. Great tips. I'm going to transplant my clipping with Vermilclight and Peralight, I don't have Peat moss, but I do have Cococour.

  7. I keep seeing videos explaining those roots above the soil line as being feeder roots… They say not to cover them with soil because it helps the roots get oxygen – and to instead cover them with mulch (allowing for protection as well as aeration) I'm not sure how true that is but it would explain why the roots keep coming up. Also, older more established trees have roots showing above ground. Any thoughts?

  8. You are right about using products that doesn't brake down. I learned it the hard way of rooting cuttings with regular potting mix. you are the first person I've seen to explain this situation. This video has a lot of information. Thanks

  9. I just up-potted both Black Mission cuttings, they grew great but for some reason the Kadota cuttings leafed out and refused to root and eventually died. 😢

    Thanks again for the cuttings and the videos.

  10. Charles, like always an amazing lesson and great video. This vidoe was awesome and sooooo informative. Thank you. Ive made some mistakes and now I understand why I got some of my result, thank you.

  11. Thanks for yet another great video! Would you please do a video on how to grow young plants from Citrus cuttings? I am trying to do Mandarin & Blood Orange cuttings, following on-line tutorials but so far none survived. I have pretty much run out of ideas.

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