1. Congratulations for over 14000 !! 👍😎 I know it's to early to talk about defoliation 😆 but maybe you can make some vids about it this year. I have so many questions .. some says you have to do it, some says you never should do that, some lollipop the plant some just take the fan leafs away. I'm little bit confused …when you have to defoliat, how much, how much time the plant need to recover and etc.

  2. well done Kali, liked the video!
    what kind of soil are you rocking? and also what kind of fertilizer are you feeding your plants until you transplant outside?

  3. Hell yeah bro,I love these types of videos because you dont hold back any info,over the years I've learned so much over trial and error and it sucks,videos like this help me learn so much better versus screwing up and trying something different the following year.

  4. Very well said on "study how ur plant grows"…. i have a strain ive been breeding and working with on my own for the last few years that if i leave alone it turns into a beautiful bush…. but if i top it even once it turns to shit and the yeild takes a dive… study wat u grow and every strain is different

  5. Your ladies are looking great man have a question for you so my girl is about little over a foot and the fan leaves are the size of my had should I cut them off or just let her be

  6. I think your foliage will be better with the lights close for your beginning veg stage short and bushy let those ladies stretch those legs when about to turn to bud cycle

  7. I'm a first year grower and I don't even listen to everything my mentor tells me, nice rule of thumb for lights if its comfortable with your wrist above the plants top than the environment should be fine I don't even listen to manufacturers anymore. Lol keep it up Kali

  8. Thanks for the tips brother! I like that your willing to educate in a way that is easy to grasp and not super technical. Plus you are not to proud to admit that you have made some mistakes. Your the best brother keep growing and posting!

  9. Yes when I go inside top the shit out of them three to keep them short ceiling space bra light to plant racio outside ur right less topping the sky is the limit do it that way u will need a higher fench great idea Butt bigger stems bigger wounds for them to heal

  10. Hey Growmie. the ladies are looking nice. I'm an indoor grower, but this summer I'm putting 2 Grand-Daddy-Purp X M39 outdoors using you techniques. I'm happy I saw this video, because I was gonna top when reached the 7th nod down to 5th nod, and topped again before placing outside. now I'll wait until they hit 3.5 to 4ft. Thanks for the info Growmie.

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