2018 March Madness NCAA title game: Villanova v. Michigan (FULL)

Re-watch the complete National Championship broadcast of No.1 Villanova’s victory over No.3 Michigan! Sign up for the 2019 Bracket Challenge Game here: …


  1. Lol wouldn't have mattered if KU had played Loyola Chicago and probably would have beaten them in the semifinal game if they played, and Nova played Michigan in the semifinal, no one was gonna beat nova. KU can beat Duke, Kentucky, Michigan State, North carolina almost every year, but their kryptonite just seems to be Nova. Kentucky's seem to be Uconn, Duke's is KU, MSU is KU and duke. Is this one of those 3-4 year runs where a team just seems to have exceptional shooters and players like Wichita State and then just go back to normal for Nova? Hope not, could use more parity in college bball. This coming from a KU fan.

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