1. Why don't they ever do documentaries on gay woman twerking, fighting, crazy, drunk, sexy, cool, or struggling to make it in life or simply acting like men? Because there are those gay ass lesbians who pretty and like to just tease guys for fun and laughter and wanna trap you in their world like they used to do in Sodom and Gomorrah. They would lure you into the city with their beauty and then when your there in the city, men gay and bisexual would try and capture you and put you in a cage and lift you above the streets while you looked at their festivities and starved to death lusting after woman until you eventually gave in to their demands. Most of the time it had something to do with sex. So you'd had better been a slick wise guy to get yourselves out of them men humping your bottom by being able to read or write or some special talent. That's the reason why God rained down fire and brimstone on those cities for those of you who believe. If you look at today's generation, I know it's the same as before but technology has increased, and woman want worship threw the WWW, the media, and today's popular media outlets like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. They show off their curves and get nearly naked so they can lead you to a private webcam site for adults. The female's music videos say it all, their stripping down to a bikini dance and rap music video. For example Beyonce's Put A Ring On It. She might as well be dancing in underwear that rise above her breast. Yes men love watching woman in their underwear, but according to the Bible, for those of you who believe, God said that the woman "WILL" desire her husband", it also says that is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh Genesis 2:24. But gays, lesbians, and woman who think their superior because they maybe pretty than most females or just too conceited because of their looks miss the message and it only becomes about money and looks. The Bible also says Isaiah 53:2 There was nothing beautiful or majestic about his appearance, nothing to attract us to him. But just because you think you have an beautiful appearance know that Lucifer was the most beautiful angel but he had the worse flaw his pride was lifted up against God his creator Yo think you being book smart and or college smart a man with a good heart not good enough for you. You despise him and kill his good heart, (men too do the same to woman, not saying guy are innocent) but you should keep in mind that Jesus says that "there is only one good and that is God" Mark 10:18. It is God who said "I look at the heart but mankind looks at the outward appearance,1 Samuel 16:7,Luke 16:15,John 8:15. You can be a high school drop out and have hit the lottery or have family members who have money and you got a loan to open up a restaurant or something like that to stay on top. Demons in people having babies and never having the intentions on teaching them ANYTHING, after that they jump into another human hosts body after the child has grown older cause he wants to humiliate them growing up. Because the child knows nothing his parents were full of lust demons who just want to see you get big and then taunt you and tease you.

  2. A white man asking a black man why black people are poor. These young men and women are poor because of racism/white supremacy. White people during colonial times made buggery a crime in Jamaica. So it’s ironic that this young white man is now taking issue with the colonized internalizing their racist practices and using them on each other. They learned to hate gay people from white people. The white people made the law that made the act illegal. The interviewer needs to turn the camera on himself and look at white privilege roles in colonialization and ask himself why there is poverty in Jamaica.

  3. This guy is so annoying like he’s lucky no one attacks him for being a pompous asshole, he doesn’t know Jamaica he isn’t a native he’s just an American coming in there making a little documentary for vice who’s become this radicalized left wing channel I hardly call it news

  4. This is the way it should be, PS: Americans that are gay, the closet is calling you back!!!! PSS: if you think your sexual preference makes you as a person, YOU ARE SICK IN THE HEAD!!!

  5. ‘Sexual orientation, that’s their choice, living in the gutter, that’s their choice”. 🤔 people do not just wake up one day and say, damn…I’m kind of bored…I think I will be gay or trans. That was a painfully ignorant statement. Sounds like something Fox News, or tRump would say.

  6. I honestly wish the U.S can be more like this country as well as other homophobic countries and destroy all gays and lesbians because this behaviour is totally not normal this behaviour UNAFRICAN/UNBLACK this is fucked up for our people see that's the problem Black people did not know what homosexuality was back in the days until white society brought their sickness and poisoned and brainwashed our people, these gays and lesbians are bad influences to young kids, teenagers, and adults I could never respect people like this, this act is not fucking at all normal so sends these people out of the U.S and go do abnormal shit because this behaviour is bringing our people down.

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