1. Love his songs and rap. He is a Huge talent. Look forward to following him for years to come. I freaking love this song I’ve listened 100 times in a week lol.

  2. I usually hate when people say “this song deserves more views” or “this is SOO much better than the music out now” but as a producer of music myself,,,,, this is such a beautiful piece of art… the song itself is already one of the most creative complete songs I’ve EVER heard…. but the video is just as beautiful……. Time will reward this song……. it’s timeless …. simply beautiful…..oh btw I’m some random Nigerian American guy in Los Angeles….."..that has to be noted to highlight how AMAZING this song is

  3. Alabaman rapper. Thats something people would never thought of. As an Australian, I'm curious how Alabamans and Australians will get on, especially Queenslanders (we Queenslanders are considered the Texans of Australia). Thats off-topic I know, but this song just got me thinking about Queenslanders and Alabamans drinking together.

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