Winning Every POKER Hand in 1/2 Cash Game | Poker Vlog 13

In this I reminisce about the game I lost last night, play some great hands in this one, which hold (maybe all but one), and run one raise through Pie Solver…


  1. Solid playing brother. This year i plan to take poker serious and really study the game. I've been beating my friends and family consistently so I want to see if i can take this somewhere. Subscribed 🙂 keep them vids coming

  2. Not a fan of your post flop sizing when you flopped trip 9's on a board not too wet, you possibly got someone to fold a weak ace or 2nd pair. A smaller size might seem like you're repping a weak ace or KQ and might induce a re-raise or at least a call. Also MP raise 15 pre flop so he could easily rep that board on the turn if you check

  3. @10:32 gotta admit, when the post flop action starts "button check". I have no idea what really happened!
    then you say "hero re-raises" which does not seem possible either. it would just be a raise, right?

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