When and How To Water Cacti – Peak Growing Season

Hi everyone! Welcome to the second instalment of when and how to water cacti. This video focuses on the peak of the growing season. One of the most …


  1. Great videos! I subbed with notifications! One thing I noticed though is you said bi-weekly is twice per week for you. Some people may be confused as generally bi-weekly means every other week, once per 2 weeks. So your bi-weekly watering would be 4 times in a 2 week period, where as someone watching would normally take bi-weekly as meaning once per two weeks. That could be a significant difference in watering frequency. Awesome collection by the way! I'm up to about 30 different varieties in my collection currently.

  2. Hey beautiful collection! Thanks for the tips.
    I'm also an aspiring cacti collector in Aus. Would you sell any lophophora seedlings/cuttings at all. Ive found it hard to find. Was going to try to graft a few.

  3. Great info as always. As you say, it’s about getting to know your plants individually and learning their needs just by how they look and taking your climate, the potting medium etc, into consideration also.
    Awesome video and probably the best I’ve seen on cacti watering 👍
    Your collection is stunning also 👌

  4. Great collection, love all your Gymno’s and Astro’s quite impressive. Nice informative video on watering by looks and not just watering for watering. Just awaiting my watering season here in AZ a couple weeks or so out before their 1st drinks after winter. Would love to see something on seedling waterings after out of the bag as well if your ever looking for content 😉

  5. This was very informative. I have a few astrophytum that have "pancaked" (flattened out). I live in the U.S. and we are about to enter spring. I feel like I need to water them but am afraid of the rotting issue. A few have shrunk at the base. Is this a sign of underwatering or overwatering? I would like to avoid pulling them out to check the roots if possible. They still firm though. Thanks for taking the time to make the video.

  6. Great tutorial. I'm always worried if i should leave or water my Astrophytums. After watching this i wont worry too much about weekly watering from now on i'll happily go two weeks. Also i've recently bought two Gymnocalyciums, species unknown sadly but at least now i know there not rot prone as most websites would have you believe, i'll start a weekly routine of watering them depending on weather obviously.

  7. Your earlier watering regime helped most of my plants make it through the winter without dying. Thank you very much.
    I still lost a 3 parodias though. They all shriveled and died…. and this affects parodias for the most part..Can you help me with this issue? Has this happened to any of your plants?

  8. Allways nice to see your collection! I also water when i have the feeling the plants need it. Its hard to put in words but as a collector you just get to know when to water by experience, just like you say some take more some less.

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