What happens when you walk into a legal recreational marijuana dispensary

While pot may be legal in Colorado, the idea of purchasing marijuana in a store may still be something of a mystery to many people. CNBC went to a dispensary …


  1. Dispensary bud SUCKS!!! It’s OLD and STALE and WEAK.
    You people who are jealous of us in states where it’s legal, you’re not missing anything.
    It’s a ripoff.

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  3. We need this in every state. You want to smoke cigarettes and get cancer and die? Totally legal. You want to kick back and relax and smoke some pot? Jail time. Our legal system is a joke.

  4. Why does it look so shady? the weird entrance with the doorman checking your id?? we just fully legalized nationwide in Canada and many of the stores look like Apple Stores except with no iPads but weed! no doorman, well lit etc. Do they all look like this in the states that have legalized?

  5. I been smoking weed for a while now but I stay picking up from other people because im nervous to walk into a dispensary because I don’t know what to say or do when I walk in there

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