We made EVERYTHING you could possibly make from GOAT'S MILK

How many people does it take to make goat milk products? An entire family of goat lovers, apparently. Each morning we head out to backyard to milk our goats, …


  1. Question.
    How do you manage to keep pots and pans with white inside (Not like silver versions, the white color is in the inside and the (depending on the color) is the outside) clean? We have hard time cleaning up after cooking things on the pan.

  2. I hope you see this! Dont get the Carp!! They are what we call trash fish. They will eat everything plant. Not just the algae.
    They also get huge and skittish ot wont be nice swiming with them when they get big.
    Also they are more bone then flesh so not even worth having for food

  3. "we all have out swim suits, i don't know what kevin is going to get do" * looks in the bottom right corner* "probably something from the thrift store or the side of the road" XDD omg that had me laughing so bad lol greets from the Netherlands 😀

  4. I love your videos so much, especially those cooking parts. I hope you post more often coz Im goin nuts waitin for your new vids. Maybe you should also make an album where you share your recipes they are so healthy and fun to watch. Im trying them at home and they are delicious! thank you for your channel ❤❤

  5. U can also make wipe cream, cottage cheese, half and half, ice cream (never tried it with goat milk but it could be good), candles and you can draw a milk bath with herbs and flower good for the skin😁

  6. I been following your channel from couple of days and I thought Ethan is your sibling but today I saw you on justice rhodes channel and when you said "My son Ethan" I was like Wtf 😮 you look so young.

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