TULLY – Official Trailer [HD] – In Theaters May 4

Watch the official trailer for Jason Reitman’s new movie, #Tully, starring Charlize Theron. A new comedy from Academy Award®-nominated director Jason …


  1. I genuinely find this to look like a wonderful film. Not because of some hatred towards heroins or decadent love for women fighting over a guy but it appears to put a family with all the grit and love center screen. It has been too long since we as a culture did that.

  2. 1:06 "I hold a baby all day and then night time rolls around and I'm supposed just switch gears like 'Hello I'm all sexy now'" 2:00 "Yeah, no ones treated my hole in a very long time." It sounds to me as if this woman just can't be pleased. If her husband approaches her about sexy-time she complains about being tired and not wanting sex. Later, she's complaining that she hasn't been sexual in a very long time. There's no pleasing her!

  3. From the comments: "if you do not love gays you are a shitty person,a monster, basically you Have to love gays if not you will be offended, hated, shut at" Are you people insane? There is a name for forcing somebody to love, it is called rape, forcing somebody into a "love" relation. There are people who do not love gays, they do not hate them, we are indifferent towards gays, in the same time we do not like to be attacked because we do not love somebody or something! We have the right to choose which ones we love or not love; there are a lot of degree in between love and hate, we do not automatically hate somebody if we do not love them. Do not impose your love for gays onto other people because is abusive.

  4. If u are responsible and reasonable person – this movie is not for u, coz its super stupid, she has 3 children and loves non of them, she doesnt care about their development and doesnt teach them to be smart, she didnt know how many kids she wanted to have and how many she can take care of, she just wants to be on her phone and do nothing, she is the same with the husband-she allows her nanny sleep with him,so he is there or not- is a little concern to her-thats the sum of the movie(((

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