Trippy ass song to listen to when your high!

Posted this when I was 15 and started smoking, finally found old PW to this account. 900k views wow. Came across dubstep freshman year from a junior in the …


  1. Yo I was baked asf last night! I wanted to get a Uber to go home from my friends place! While doing that my friend looked at my phone and was like “why are u signing up to be and Uber driver”

  2. I listened to this song the first time I ever smoked on my own years ago and I just sat in front of my computer with my headphones on swaying back and forth.

  3. One time when i was stoned I was on the munchies so i went to the kitchen i got me a meat pie put it in the microwave and set it to 2min and i was like walkin around in the kitchen then all of a sudden i hear this like bangy tappy sort of noise and i was fucking scared bc i was like kind of confused bc i usually dont hear that noise then i went to my room for like 3min then i forgot about my food so the to the kitchen got to the microwave and realized the microwave wasnt on that little track thing under the plate then i was like fuck and started to laugh bc thats what was making the noise so then i just was standing there for like 1min laughing to myself and yea thats pretty much it THE END.

  4. Am i the only one that thinks my thoughts are genius and write them down on my notes to remember them, then when i wake up and read them they're just dumb as fuck lmao.

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