Trimming or Prunning curry leaves plant in pot and taking care

This video show how I trimmed my curry leaves plant and how it grew with fresh leaves and branch. The best time to cut or trim the curry leaves plant is during …


  1. Hi I have 3 feet curry leave plant in a pot , a straight grow w/o any branches , how can I prune it to get branches like your tree , i have it indoors since it is fall here now , I am scared to touch it i fear I may lose it leaves which I don't wan to do .Please help me .thanks

  2. I bought a curry leaf plant during monsoon. It didn't grow at all for a month and all the leaves at the bottom dried up and looked like half eaten or torn. I had cut an inch at the top and after a week new buds came out and are growing since. But now the new leaves, after taking shape, have started turning black at the very tips. The end of the branches curl up and turn black. What must be the problem ? I stay in India. We don't receive enough sunlight during June and July.

  3. Wow you took off all the leaves from the plant, I would not be so brave even if my plant was as mature as yours! How did it get food, from the root system?

  4. Hi.. Good to see your videos about curry leaves….It was so helpful… I prunned my curry leaves last week and i dont see any sigh of new leaves… how often we should water it… i live in texas… Can you please advise.

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