1. when Mamrie mentioned the promotion of random ass children of local commercials, it sparked some sort of trauma within me that caused me to remember this local New Mexico commercial of a restaurant called "Monroes" and the entire commercial, was not only narrated by children, but seemed to be directed and produced by children too, almost as if they hooked up a go-pro to a child and had them run through the store listing off menu items… ill never forget that commercial

  2. You guys, this podcast has completely changed my life! I have never had so many belly laughs in my life! I listen to you guys when I go walking in the AM, and ladies…… you are making me scream out loud laughing, making every person I pass on my walk thinking I am absolutely nuts! I love you both!!! Please we need more Mamrie and Grace!!!

  3. I'd just like to share that the troll does in fact shart glitter at Universal, and that I only stayed around to find out because of these podcasts. My mind was blown. That sparkly mofo dropped into a squat and blew that shit all over. It was magical.

  4. Not gonna lie, this podcast makes you both come off as the most privileged, ungrateful, bitches who would at the same time lecture someone on their individual "privilege". I would hate to run into you guys in a public place in fear that you would tear me down on your podcast. Stick to YouTube videos, ladies.

  5. I'm watching this at work. When Mamrie recounted the cat judge saying, "Mhm, smooth skull," I couldn't hold back a quiet laugh, so now I'm fake coughing to hide the fact that I'm about to DIE FROM LAUGHTER. This podcast is so wonderful. Gets me every week.

  6. My dad did the exact same thing with pepper spray in our house when I was 16. It was the night before we moved to a different province lol. Made the last night of stressful packing way more fun lol

  7. Btw human pepper spray is actually stronger than bear spray. Human pepper spray is meant to put someone down for you to run away, but bear spray is meant to just annoy it to the point of running away from you.

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