Stuff They Don't Want You to Know – DMT

When users take DMT they experience vivid hallucinations. Some users even believe they have communicated with nonhuman creatures while on DMT — but …


  1. dmt is a source of information used by ancients to create and use a high advanced technology. Beings on the "other side" are sort of high developed A.I. created to help form and sustain the reality.
    it is forbiden because , realizing the true, humans will understand that they dont need civilzation, society or goverments to live a good life, and all the possible informations are allredy out there.

  2. dmt creates in your liver and lungs naturally and i think that's why cigarettes and alcohol are legal because they can tax it and it damages your liver and your lungs and the illuminati eye is the third eye being kept away by them

  3. I have not taken DMT I see so many comments and I'd like to say a few things for anyone who sees this. If you view your experiences as fully spiritual or a journey for the soul, then you could be able to get there without the help of the most powerful hallucinogenic known to man. You cannot completely ignore the fact that drugs brought you to the spiritual awakening you recall, which can be subconscious crying out for help, especially when the subject recently had trauma. If you look into neuro-connections which will be hard with no previous training in the field, while on DMT you do HALLUCINATE. Could it be to another dimension? Sure. Could it help form a path to life as we normally can't see? Possibly! I'm hopeful about the future with this mysterious compound. Surely believe there must be intelligent lifeforms OUTSIDE of MilkyWay and Andromeda galaxies and maybe even single-cell life elsewhere in the galaxies. Whether we will ever be able to experience other dimensions or interact with "aliens" is an entirely different debate than going insane for 5 minutes and believing everything you just saw as fact. In fact alot of people that take these hallucinogenic substances frequently end up with mental disorders specifically schizophrenia is linked to LSD, Marijuana, and Psyilocybin.

    To clarify I think DMT could be a spiritual experience. But ALL of these people deluding themselves with the fact that they live forever and we are everything in the universe is very VERY dangerous for people, especially those that have not taken it. If you are an addict to any substance of any sort you will probably react defensively while reading this because I talk about threats of drugs, which you confide in, that's natural. Please do continue reading though! One day I plan to take DMT but I have not had a very spiritual life and would like to have some sort of spiritual experience before I jump right into hallucinations. Furthermore my research on it shows an average consumer of the drug almost always don't recognize the hallucinations as such obviously they have not been trained in neurochemistry to understand remotely what is happening. The comments are talking about reptile people and how bad their government who give them food and water every day are which also can be explained. They were lied to in adolescence or had a harsh upbringing so from their experiences they don't believe anything or anyone because of the lies and bullshit they've seen in the past. 1.6k Likes on a comment saying its illegal because it opens your mind and the government wants sheep blah blah I just think that sounds so foolish but I won't get into it on some page seemingly crawling with addicts. Same goes for the opposite end, people raised in a great upbringing, and they never really question anything at all, just listen to the instruction from loved ones and never question why or how they do something. In these comments I see a lot of confusion and misplaced confidence in their experiences. In my opinion if someone has a spiritual awakening their spirit will awaken for the world to see and they will help others, because there isn't much of that going around. Instead they get high, they talk to other addicts about how trippy they are and how they are smarter than everyone because they talk to imaginary aliens or reptiles. I'm typing ferociously because I read far too many of these stupid comments and I hope someone out there reads this because DMT can be a scary substance. If you are thinking about taking this drug, ESPECIALLY if you are a young person, please try and find a neurologist, biologist, chemist, or even a physician to speak with prior to the experience!

  4. DMT occurs through Nature. DMT is produced by the pineal gland in the brain. The pineal gland appears in the developing fetus around 49 days after conception. It is also release by the brain at the time of death.

    Sounds like a gateway for the soul to me.

  5. Any video that claims "THEY don't want…." can be dismissed immediately. There is no "they". There is no conspiracy and no secret cabal. "They" is a construct of a paranoid, erratic mind. And I say this as a repeat drug user and a historian. The world is difficult enough without bullshit conspiracy theories.

  6. The Aztecs used magic mushrooms and practiced human sacrifice.

    This stuff is incredibly dangerous. Just stay away from it and be the best person you can be on your own.

    We will figure out the mystery eventually. God will provide.

  7. I keep replaying it at the beginning and no matter how many times…over and over i still think it my doorbell… like someone is ringing my doorbell at the same time as i replay the vid

  8. Our brains seem to try to make understandings of the different shapes we see within the fractals we are given when we trip. If we were blind it may not be so intense…however there is also a universal awareness or unconscious which seems to play a part in what we experience while on psychedelic drugs which I personally feel is key to universal understanding. This is just my personal opinion.

  9. I have known people that did ayahuasca ceremony with a "shaman" they had experiences for several days – seeing the gods etc – but in a few weeks time they were 100 % back to normal and grumpy – i tell they " you got to meditate regularly" but they just keep talking about another hit AND SAYING THAT i AM WRONG because they are SPIRITUALLY LAZY

  10. Way back in 1996 my freind did it. It was un heard of… he had a life changing experince. He coulsnt put it into words… said he turned inside out through his mouth was floating i space amost others in the same state… all these years later… DMT has been spread through the web. I want to try it but scares the fuck out of me.

  11. Crackhead talks to space aliens= crazy person that is out of his mind
    DMT user talks to space aliens= hey, maybe there are inter-dimensional beings that you can tap into if you take it!

    LOL you all are fucking morons.

  12. stuff they dont want you to know? bullshit!!! its exactly that they want you to know. dmt is a davils tool you come in contact with demons not with friendly elves, aliens,or angeles maybe fallen ones. if they would not want you to know you would not know that easiely

  13. Language has evolved in this place and it can serve no other, or at least takes years of practise. So literally the unspeakable falls Into your lap, you're loaded right you're there and you're trying to explain to yourself what is happening. The water of language, it just falls off of you like water off a ducks back, you cannot say whats there. Its paradigm shattering

    No relevance to our existence and our pity concerns, like religion.

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