1. The culture of the baboon troop 47:13 transformed after it lost its toxic alpha male population. It became a troop of high social affiliation and cooperation, and low levels of aggression. It was like a baboon utopia.

    Think of the implications for human society if we can effectively identify and root out (albeit, not via death, ofc) the toxic elements of our human society. It is said, reliably so, that 80-90% of the world's problems are caused by 10-20% of the world's people. I truly believe this is true, and it's a powerful thing to remember as we look to improve our world in any way.

    We HAVE to identify the ways in which society rewards or even condones toxic, abusive of exploitative behavior. And we HAVE to eliminate those incentives and incentivize pro-social, harmonious, ethical behavior instead. If we do this, we can prosper and thrive and heal a lot of the harms of our world. 46:53 // 47:13 #Amazing #Relevant

  2. My grandfather (WW2 vet) was one of the Canadian soldiers in Holland during the Dutch Hunger Winter. He told us stories of the Dutch children scrounging through their camp garbage for food.

  3. At 44:00 So what happened to the males is that the meat had been tainted with a TB chemical and we the people are eating that meat to make us a more dumbed down society, so they can have it over us.

  4. 52.40 mark ….sounds like an introverted manager is being described ….low key, , inclusive, happy to let others have a say, not obsessed with dominating everything, all the time …. basically the kind of manager that most people would like to work for

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